The Girl Who Hates the 50's

Locate Keith David

Enter the simulation again and go through the Loren Square gateway. Go to the mission marker to join Keith David's rally. After the scene, you have to defend yourself from an angry mob. Kill them all then head inside the building. There will be a marauder there. Circle around it and take it out. Continue upstairs and clear out the second floor. Enter the office afterward.


Continue along the alley to find Keith and Rodey Piper. Kill the zin reinforcements and head inside the building. Clear the hallway then continue upstairs until you reach the studio. More zin troops will rush in. Take care of them and continue following Keith to the rooftop.



More enemies will be waiting. Take them out then destroy the CIDs revolving around the shielded satellite. After destroying it, more portals will open bringing in more reinforcements. Take them all out then proceed to disable the satellite. After a few scenes, the objective will be complete.



Keith will become a super homie after this and Roddy Piper will become available as a homie as well.



Rescue Kinzie


Head to the mission marker in Salander to meet up with CID and start the quest. Follow CID and he'll reveal a bunny sigil on a wall. Touch it to enter another simulation. You'll be back in the 50's simulation. You can now become violent here so have some fun if you want then head to the house with a marker to find the 50's Kinzie.



Stomp on the flowers to discover that she was a decoy. Get a car then head to the next location. You'll find her inside a police car. Take note that you can activate nitro here so use that to ram everything in the way. Ram the police car to stop it. Pummel the guards afterward. Get to Kinzie and wait until your objective is updated.



Go to the city hall next. Approach the stage to update your objective then proceed to rewire any of the four speakers. Matt will then tell you to get something from the nearby weapons crate. Open it to get a Dubstep Gun. Continue rewiring the other speakers.



After rewiring the second speaker, a propaganda truck will appear and will attempt to run you over. Evade it and use your Dubstep Gun to take it out. Continue rewiring the third speaker. A couple more propaganda trucks will appear. Corner them in the gas station to trap them there then take them out.



Continue to the fourth speaker and rewire it. Three propaganda trucks will come rushing in. Find a narrow spot where they can't reach you and finish them off. Go back to the rally and Cyrus will draw his weapon to fight you. Matt will then upload a new beat to your gun so use that to fight him and his henchmen. After defeating them, head back to the rally to pick up Kinzie and complete the quest.



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