Under Pressure

Explore the Rift

Head to the Telekinesis Rift (Easy) in Rosen Oaks. Like before, you have to fling the colored balls and make them hit the distant plates of the same color. Avoid getting knocked down and keep hitting your targets to build up your multiplier. The objective will be complete after meeting at least the bronze rank score. 




Clear out the Zin Troops

Head to the flashpoint location in Espina. Clear it out to complete the objective. 




Assassinate the Rogue Program

Head to the marked location and wait for your target. Once it appears, take it out along with its fake clones. This objective is already marked out in my game so I couldn't identify which location it will point it. 



Carjack the Data

Head to the marked location and wait for the target vehicle. Once it appears, commandeer it and drive it to the drop off point in one piece. If you ever destroyed it, head to the location where you found it and wait until another one appears. 


Meet Shaundi on the Ship

Head back to the ship and talk to Shaundi to get your reward. (Vehicles - Cyberspace)

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