Achievements List

There are a lot of missable achievements in the game since they are time-constricted. It is also advised to keep multiple saves and check every possible nook and cranny of the areas you're visiting, especially those you can access only during specific quests.


New Kid On The Block (15 points)
Join the KKK.

Story-related. Will unlock after completing the quest “The Bard”


First Day in South Park (15 points)
Spend one day in South Park.

Story-related. Will unlock after completing the quest “Alien Abduction”


Gingivitis (15 points)
Let Gingers bite you 3 times without blocking.

You can do this during the quest “Attack the School”. Before entering the basement, save your game. You’ll have to fight Nazi Zombie Gingers and there will be more of them in this area. You need to deliberately get hit by their bite attack three times in order to unlock this achievement. Just block off their other attacks and let them bite you when they use that move. It will be better to kill the others and just leave one ginger. Having Butters as a partner will save you some potions for healing with his healing ability.


Day Walker (15 points)
Defeat the Boss Hall Monitor while wearing freckles.

This is easy by creating a character with a freckle. For other characters however, they can find Freckles in one of the lootable lockers/ bags or sometimes dropped by defeated gingers while inside the school during the quest “Detention Sentence”. Remember to wear it before unlocking the cafeteria door using the Gold Key.


Made This for You (15 points)
Fling a turd that you created at an enemy in combat.

You can create a Shit Nugget by using any bathroom. Just mash the displayed button before the timer runs out to create a turd then pick it up. Use this on any enemy to unlock this achievement.


Are We Cool? (15 points)
Find Jesus while playing as a Jew.

The only way to unlock this achievement is by selecting the Jew class after starting the game. Find Jesus in the church during the “Find Jesus” sidequest.


Parkeologist (15 points)
Open all garages in South Park.

The neighborhood houses have garages that you need to open. Some of them can be opened readily while the others require a key. Most of the garage keys are looted inside their respective houses. You need to take note of two garages:

  • Jimmy’s House Garage: During the quest “The Bard”, check all drawers and cabinets until you find the key
  • There is one garage (beside Mr. Slave's house) that opens only halfway. This will prompt you to use shrink to get inside. Even if it’s not fully opened, it is still counted as opened.


For the Hoarder (15 points)
Sell nothing the entire game.

You can’t sell anything, including junk. This will make your game a bit harder since your cash for buying better equipment will be very limited.


Truth to Power (15 points)
Fart on the Mayor, Father Maxi, Principal Vic, & Prime Minister.
  • Father Maxi: He’s sitting on the bench outside the Town Hall
  • Mayor MacDaniels: She’s found in the Town Hall.
  • Principal Victoria: Inside the Community Center. You can access it once the quest “PTA Problems” is activated.
  • Prime Minister: After learning Nagasaki, head to the cave to rescue the prime minister during the quest “O Canada”. You must not talk to him, otherwise, he’ll disappear. Fart on him before talking to him.


Irritable Bowels (15 points)
Shit your pants during a boss battle.

After learning the Dragonshout from Cartman, you’ll have a mana gauge. You can use mana potions to restore it. Fill your meter, save the game and enter the battle. When your mana gauge is filled up completely, you’ll see it flashing. Use another mana potion in the middle of a boss battle to shit your pants.


Dog Whistle (15 points)
Fart on a canine enemy while in Gnome form.

After unlocking the ability to use Gnome Powder, head to the Lost Forest until you run into some wild dogs.  Defeat them in battle, shrink your size and fart on their unconscious bodies.


Dragon Wrath (15 points)
Hit 3 enemies with a single fart outside of combat.

You need to lure three enemies in a single location and use the environment hazards to knock them all out. (For example, an open fire). The best time to do this is during the main quest “Attack the School”. Once you’ve run past the kid with a water cannon, you’ll encounter another barricade with three enemies behind them. Climb to the vent but be careful not to remove the cover carelessly; you may knock out the kid that’s moving under it. Now use the Sneaky Squeaker to lure the kids near the torch then immediately use Cup-a-Spell to take them all out.


Just Saying Hi (15 points)
Fart on each available buddy in the game.

You’ll unlock all buddies as you progress in the game. Once you have them all, switch to each and every one of them and fart on them.


Re-Buttal (15 points)
Interrupt 5 channel attacks with a fart.

The best time to do this is when fighting gnomes. You’ll fight four of them and they will use channeling powers most of the time in battle. It is recommended to save your game and use as much mana potions as you need to enable you to fill your gauge and use your fart magic to interrupt their attacks. You can then reload your game after the achievement unlocks and fight them without restrictions to save your mana potion.


Heisenberg (15 points)
Defeat the Meth Tweekers while wearing the Evil Cartman goatee and the bald cap.

You’ll meet the Meth Tweekers while doing the main quest “Calling Banners - Hot Coffee”. You can find the Evil Cartman Goatee in his room and the bald cap in Romper Stomper’s cell. (Refer to this guide’s Friend List) to learn how to open his cell. The Meth Tweekers are located in the McCormick garage. Defeat them to unlock this achievement.


Shutout (15 points)
Successfully block every enemy attack in a single, non-tutorial battle.

There’s no required number of enemies to do this; however, it will easier of course to fight a single or two enemies. Simply block their attack(s) until you end the battle.


Stay Down (15 points)
Fart on 10 enemies in the world when they're knocked out

After defeating enemies, their unconscious bodies will still remain. You can fart on them and they’ll usually react. Do this 10 times to unlock it.


Avenger (15 points)
Defeat at least 3 enemies in one battle while your buddy is unconscious.

Getting this achievement voids the condition for unlocking “No Child Left Behind”. To prevent this from happening, save your game then reload it once you’ve unlocked this achievement. If you enter a battle with three or more enemies, make sure to leave three enemies with critical HP. Don’t heal your buddy and let them become unconscious until you defeat all enemies. Once the achievement is unlocked, reload your game.


No Child Left Behind (15 points)
Complete the game without ever ending a combat with a buddy knocked out.

Save your game often and better yet, keep multiple game saves. If your buddy gets knocked out, revive them and make sure the battle ends with them active and well.


PocoChinpoko (15 points)
Collect 5 Chinpokomon.

Refer to this guide’s chinpokomon guide for the location of all of them.


Chinpoko loco (30 points)
Collect 15 Chinpokomon.

Refer to this guide’s chinpokomon guide for the location of all of them.


Chinpokolypse (75 points)
Collect all the Chinpokomon.

Refer to this guide’s chinpokomon guide for the location of all of them.


Daddy Issues (15 points)
Befriend your Dad.

You can talk to your Dad once you’ve acquired at least 50 friends.


More Popular Than Jesus (30 points)
Befriend Half of South Park.

Get 60 friends.


Junk Peddler (15 points)
Sell 300 junk items.

This achievement will void The Hoarder achievement. If you want to get both, don’t sell anything until you finish the game to unlock the achievement then sell all your junk afterward


Ass of Fire (15 points)
Kill 20 enemies with Cartman's ass.

Set Cartman as your buddy and use his fart attacks to defeat 20 enemies.


Canadian Handshake (15 points)
Fart on people 100 times

You simply need to stand in front of people and fart of them. You don’t need 100 different people; you can target one random person and fart on his face 100 times.


Animal Cruelty (15 points)
Fart on animals 25 times.

You don’t need 25 different animals for this. You can spam farts on the pet cat in Kupa Keep until you get this achievement.


Pulling Mud (15 points)
Shit Your Pants in battle three times.

After learning the Dragonshout from Cartman, you’ll have a mana gauge. You can use mana potions to restore it. Fill your meter, save the game and enter the battle. When your mana gauge is filled up completely, you’ll see it flashing. Use another mana potion in the middle of a battle to shit your pants. You don’t have to do this in a single battle; you can do this in three different battles.


Shopaholic (15 points)
Complete half of the available costume sets.


Clothes Whore (75 points)
Complete all available Costume Sets.

There are 103 different equipment counted as collectibles. Costume sets include the helmet, armor and gloves and they count as one set. Some costume sets can be bought as a set in shops. Others must be looted from defeated enemies or item bags, containers, chests, etc  in a specific mission/ area in the game. Take note that you don’t need to possess all of them at the same time. As long as you owned them at some point, they’ll be registered in your collectibles. You can then sell the old ones you don’t need to make more cash to purchase the other equipment. 


Friends in Strange Places (15 points)
Befriend Crab People and Underpants Gnomes.

See the Friends List page of this guide.


Weapon Proficiency (15 points)
Score 100 perfect attacks.

Whenever you attack, your weapon will glitter / flash. Pressing the attack button at the correct timing results in a perfect attack. Do this 100 times throughout the game to unlock this achievement.


Skilled Defender (15 points)
Block 100 attacks.

Whenever an enemy attacks, a shield icon appears under your characters’ feet. You have to press the block button at the right time to perform a Perfect Block. Do this 100 times throughout the game to unlock this achievement.


You bastards! (15 points)
Have Kenny Die 10 times in battle over the course of the game.

Kenny’s special moves that summons rats and unicorns can kill him if you didn’t press the correct buttons in time. You can do this in a single battle but it will involve lots of healing items to keep yourself alive so make sure to save your game so you can load that file once you’ve unlocked the achievement.


Mastery (15 points)
Unlock all the upgrades for one of the New Kid's abilities.

The level cap in the game is 15 and you have four abilities that can be leveled up to LV5. Concentrate on one ability and max it out to unlock this achievement.


Make it Rain! (15 points)
Spend $500.

Complete The Hoarder achievement first then sell all your junk and old equipment to make money and purchase the other equipment you can’t afford to buy. You can then resell these to register more equipment.


Full Arsenal (15 points)
Collect all the weapons and costumes available in the game.

 A helpful list of all available weapons and costumes can be found here.


More Popular Than John Lennon (75 points)
Befriend all of South Park.

See this guide’s Friends List



Secret Achievements

KKK Hero (30 points)
You defeated the High Jew Elf Kyle in battle.

Near the end of “Attack the School” quest, you’ll have to choose whether to attack Cartman or Kyle. Save your game before that and choose to fight Kyle. Defeat him to unlock this achievement.


Elven Hero (30 points)
You defeated the Grand Wizard Cartman in battle.

Near the end of “Attack the School” quest, you’ll have to choose whether to attack Cartman or Kyle. Save your game before that and choose to fight Cartman. Defeat him to unlock this achievement.


Nonconformist (15 points)
You befriended the Goths, like everyone else playing this game.

This is story-related.


Inside Joke (15 points)
While inside Mr. Slave, you summoned Mr. Slave.

Complete Mr. Slave’s sidequest “Mr. Slave’s Package” to unlock him as a summon. During the quest “Beat Up Clyde”, you’ll have a sequence where you’ll have to travel Mr. Slave’s insides. Summon him during a battle there to unlock this achievement.


Face Hoff (15 points)
You defeated Princess Kenny while looking like David Hasselhoff.

You can look like David Hasselhoff by undergoing through “The Hoff” procedure in Tom’s Rhinoplasty for $125. You then need to defeat the last boss, Kenny to unlock this achievement. You can do this when also attempting to unlock Two Girls, One Stick and Outpatient achievements.


Acceptance (15 points)
You accepted your fate and chose the name Douchebag yourself.

At the start of the game, you’ll have to enter your name. Cartman will still name you Douchebag. Click Yes on both his questions to unlock this achievement.


Two Girls, One Stick (15 points)
You defeated Princess Kenny in your girl makeover disguise.

Wear the Makeover Outfit, Makeover Accessory, Makeover Wig and Makeover Makeup – nothing else. You can do this with Face Hoff and Outpatient achievements.


Outpatient (15 points)
You defeated Princess Kenny while living with Dire AIDS.

You can acquire Dire AIDS from the snakes and Dire Wolves in Canada. When you’re ready to finish the game, let any of those animals bite you until you get a message that you’ve contracted the disease. You can do this alongside with Two Girls, One Stick and Face Hoff achievements.


Perverted (15 points)
You watched your parents have sex for 60 seconds.

During the quest “Defeat the Underpants Gnome”. Once you’ve reached the dresser, you’ll find your parents having sex in the background. Just face them and remain idle for 60 seconds until the achievement pops out.


Stick Savior (25 points)
You defeated Princess Kenny and recovered the Stick of Truth.



Too Far (15 points)
You farted on the corpse of an aborted Nazi Zombie fetus.

During the mission “Unplanned Parenthood”, defeat a Nazi Zombie fetus and fart on it.

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