There are four classes in the game and each one has five abilities unique to them. Each ability can be leveled up to LV5 by spending Ability Points which a character earns per level up. Perks and magic are standard for each class.

The game’s battle system is simple and choosing your class is more on personal preference. Most of the battles don’t require special tactics to be won. The efficiency of some equipment, weapon strap-ons and equipment patches however tend to favor some classes over the others.

If you want to get a preview of the skill tree for each class and to check the ranks of each ability, you can check out South Park’s Facebook page.


Assault and Battery
Deal smash damage to a target by swinging your baseball bat. When done perfectly and you hit the ball, it can damage an additional enemy.


  • II: Performance Enhancement – Increases damage
  • III. Beatdown – Slowed and stunned targets take more damage from your bat swings
  • IV. Invigorating Malice – Each swing that connects restores a small amount of HP
  • V. Bloody Mess – Each swing of the bat deals bleeding damage


A swift kick to the balls damages and stuns your foe if done correctly.


  • II: Boot to the Head – You can do a follow up attack that ignores armor and shields if you successfully stun an opponent
  • III: Show of Force – If Roshambo knocks out your target, the remaining enemies cower in fear with their defenses lowered.
  • IV: Squish – Inflict gross out status in addition to stun
  • V: Shock and Awe - If Roshambo knocks out your target, the remaining enemies will suffer with Gross Out status


Bull Rush
Charge headfirst to the enemy and if successfully performed, their shields and armor will be stripped off and they will suffer defense down.


  • II: Battering Ram – Increase damage
  • III: Armored Momentum – Deal additional damage based on your armor
  • IV: Spike of Humiliation – After perfectly executing the move, you can follow up with a helmet spike, dealing additional damage
  • V: Blitz – Gain haste if Bull Rush knocks out your target.


Horn of Irritation
Removes buffs from primary target and taunt all enemies, forcing them to attack you without special abilities.


  • II:  Pump Up the Volume – This move now debuffs all enemies, not just the primary target.
  • III: Deafening Roar – Enemies suffer reduced attack and defense.
  • IV: Rallying Roar – All allies gain increased attack and ability damage
  • V: Tauntology - All allies gain increased attack and ability damage


Ground Stomp
Deals damage to all enemies with a deadly aerial pounce.


  • II: Iron Inertia – Deals more damage based on your armor
  • III: Aerial Ambush – Deal additional damage against slowed or stunned targets.
  • IV: Staggering Slam – Inflict attack down effect to all enemies
  • V: Crushing Collision – Stun enemies for a turn.

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