Heading North

You have to go to Photo Dojo first. Talk to the cameraman then enter the next room. Loot the cabinet to the right first then step in front of the camera to start taking pics. Follow his instructions and you'll have to defeat him in battle. After that, you'll get your passport. Leave the building and make your way to the Lost Forest.



The trail to the Lost Forest is blockaded by a swarm of mice. Disperse them using your Dragonshout then keep heading north four times until you reach the border. Show your passport for the guard to open the gate and head north to trigger a scene.



Enter Ottowa first. To buy at the shop, you need Canadian Dollars. You can have it exchanged from the Bank of Canada near the river. Enter the large building to the north and talk to the prince and princess of Canada. After speaking with the prince, the quest will be complete.



While inside the building, head to the eastern side and loot the chest there. Talk to the guy near the exit to receive your souvenir photos as well. Keep it since this is a quest item.


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