There are four classes in the game and each one has five abilities unique to them. Each ability can be leveled up to LV5 by spending Ability Points which a character earns per level up. Perks and magic are standard for each class.

The game’s battle system is simple and choosing your class is more on personal preference. Most of the battles don’t require special tactics to be won. The efficiency of some equipment, weapon strap-ons and equipment patches however tend to favor some classes over the others.

If you want to get a preview of the skill tree for each class and to check the ranks of each ability, you can check out South Park’s Facebook page.


Sling of David
Deals more damage to a single enemy but can cause self-injury.


  • II: Smiting Stones – Increased sling damage
  • III: Attention Getter – Makes enemies Pissed Off and lower their attacks, forcing them to stop using their abilities and attack you
  • IV: Killing Two Birds – Your sling now bounce to a random additional target.
  • V: Divine Retribution – Makes this move powerful as your HP decrease.


Utilizes a secret jewish martial art that deals a stunning strike to your target.


  • II: Krav Magawesome – Increase this ability’s damage
  • III: Eye for an Eye – If done perfectly, this move will deal additional damage based on your lost HP
  • IV: Shield of the Righteous – After a successful attack, you’ll be protected by a shield that will stop the next hit.
  • V: Mitzvah of Speed – On a perfect success, you’ll gain hast and take two actions next turn.


Removes the target’s armor and shield while inflicting bleeding damage.


  • II: The Mohel the Merrier – Increased damage
  • III: A Closer Shave – On perfect success, this move deals two stacks of bleeding
  • IV: Shear Agony – This move now inflicts Defense Down
  • V: Terrify the Uncleansed – This move now makes the other enemies Grossed Out.


Whirling Doom
Debuffs on random enemies.


  • II: Hei Damage – Increased damage with each bounce
  • III: Spinagogue – Allows your dreidel to bounce more times
  • IV: Yum Kippurge – On a perfect success, Whirling Doom now removes all negative status on the new kid.
  • V: Return of the Prophet – Spinning your dreidel will summon a prophet, inflicting burning damage.


Plagues of Egypt
Summon a mix of pestilence, fiery hail, frogs and flying insects to all enemies.


  • II: Smite the Unclean – Plagues now inflict more damage
  • III:   Divine Fury – You and your buddy gain attack up every time you deliver pestilence and fiery hail to your enemies.
  • IV:   Nature’s Wrath -    You and your buddy gain ability up every time you deliver frogs and flying insects to your enemies. 
  • V: Lord of the Plague – You may visit an additional plague during your turn.

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