Shortly after starting the game, Cartman will teach the first magic called Dragonshout. As you progress in the game, you'll learn a total of four magics, each with their own use inside and outside combat.


Mana Cost: 40

When farting on an open flame, Dragonshout can cause an explosion, instantly knocking out nearby enemies or breaking down obstacles. You can also use this to drive away the swarm of rats protecting the Lost Woods.  When used in a battle, Dragonshout can stun one target.


Mana Cost: 60

Like Dragonshout, you can cause explosions and gross out enemies before engaging them in combat.  The difference is that you can now throw your fart at a distance, enabling you to blow up open flames in unreachable areas.


Sneaky Squeaker
Mana Cost: 80

This magic isn't about power since it is not enough to blow things up. However, you can freely control its flight and detonate it to distract nearby enemies. This is perfect for setting them up or luring them to a trap. 


Mana Cost: 100

The ultimate magic that can blow enemies in an instant during battles. Nagasaki is used to break down the obstacles with green cracks.

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