PTA Problems

After learning the Sneaky Squeaker, go back to the restroom. The last cubicle has a chinpokomon inside.



Once done, you have to sneak into the Taco Bell construction site. After the scene, use the Sneaky Squeaker to distract the guards then run towards the gate.



Once inside, you have to get past the guards; if they caught you, you'll be kicked out of the facility. In the first area, you can stand in front of the lever to the left then lure the guard towards the puddle. Once he's over it, pull the switch the electrocute him.



Head inside the blue van to the right and loot the items inside. Beam yourself to the roof using the alien probe then loot the chest there. Open the vent to enter the building and trigger a cutscene.



After the scene, take out the Nazi Zombie and loot its body, along with the two SWAT officers it took down. Before moving forth, enter the conference room and pick up the recording device on the table.




Loot the cabinets on both sides of the room as well. There's also a chinpokomon on top of the cabinet to the left. Leave the room once done.




Be careful since there are nazi zombies right outside. Make your way back to the Community Center. There are also nazi zombies scattered about so be careful. Once inside the Community Center, hand over the recording to Randy.



Once done, you can now go back to the goth kids, talk to them (with the goth setup) and perform a DDR-esque rhythm mini-game to complete their tasks as well. All four of them will be added to your friends list.



After reporting the leader of the Elves / Humans, more cutscenes will trigger. Both factions will still end up meeting up in a battle at school.



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