Recruit the Girls

You have to get the girls' support. To do this, you must help them with their problems by completing the following quests. Refer to the individual pages of the following sub-quests for the detailed walkthroughs.



  • Pose as Bebe's Boyfriend
  • Unplanned Parenthood
  • Heading North
  • O Canada


After completing “Unplanned Parenthood”, talk to Annie and the girls. You then have to head back to Kyle and see if any of the boys can translate the records. A new quest will become available this time. (Heading North)



Once the documents are translated by completing “O Canada”, bring the records to Annie and the girls. After the scene, you'll be able to get their support. Wendy, Bebe and Red will also become your friends.



Now, return to Kyle with the reinforcements. After the scenes, the quest will be complete.

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