The New Kid in Town

After starting the game, you have to create your character. After the scenes, you'll be in your own room. The game will give you some tutorials along the way. While in your room, you can open the closet to get a small amount of money and baseball card. The Toy Chest by your bed will serve as your storage. You can move items from your inventory there and vice versa.




Leave your room and enter the bathroom to the far left. Check the drawers to find some items. You can also take a poop in the toilet. Just keep pressing the S key to successfully take a dump and for you to get a Shit Nugget afterward. Once done, leave the bathroom and go downstairs.Go to the left to enter the kitchen and open the cabinets under the sink for more items. Once done, pick up the money in the counter to the left then leave the house.



Once outside, open the garage door to the right and go up the ladder. There's a chest that you can open there. Loot the items inside then climb down. Head to the right and you'll find Butters fighting off some kid. Approach the kid and attack him to “rescue” Butters. He'll be your first friend.



Follow Butters to Cartman's house. Once inside, check the drawer beside the sofa to find some loot, including Cartman's Garage Key and Evil Cartman Goatee. Continue to the left of the screen to reach Kupa Keep.



New Quest: Flower for a Princess

There's a daffodil on the left side of the Keep, near the fence. Pick it up to trigger this quest. Just talk to him to hand him the flower and complete the quest. He will be added to your Friends list as well.


You can also talk to Scott Malkinson and Clyde to add them as your new friends. When you're ready, talk to Cartman. Here, you'll be asked to enter your name. However, you'll still end up with the name “Douchebag”. After that, you'll need to select your class.



After selecting your class, head to Clyde's armory and purchase a weapon from him. The weapon that you can buy from him will depend on the class you selected. After buying a weapon, open your inventory and equip it. You'll be thrown in a mock battle against Clyde. Just follow the tutorials, until you Cartman tells you to finish off Clyde.



After the tutorial battle, head inside the War Tent to see the relic. After a short while, the drow elves will attack the kingdom. To engage the enemies, you have to attack them. Attack the one near the stables to get a tutorial on how to counterattack and use items. Block all the enemy attacks and counterattack. When you get the chance, finish them off. Don't hesitate to use items as necessary. Don't forget to loot the body of the defeated enemy as well.



Next, engage the one to the upper left who is attacking the kitty. This enemy will use Riposte which will counter your melee attacks automatically. Use your bow to snipe the enemy archer. Now the elven defender will switch to reflect stance. This will allow him to counter ranged weapons. Use abilities or melee attacks to damage them.



Finally, attack the one who's harassing Butters. One of the enemies has a shield. Use your normal attacks or abilities with multiple hits to wear down and destroy the shield. You can also use a power attack to deal massive damage to an armored opponent.


After winning the battle, the elves will retreat. After the scenes, the quest will be complete.

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