There are four classes in the game and each one has five abilities unique to them. Each ability can be leveled up to LV5 by spending Ability Points which a character earns per level up. Perks and magic are standard for each class.

The game’s battle system is simple and choosing your class is more on personal preference. Most of the battles don’t require special tactics to be won. The efficiency of some equipment, weapon strap-ons and equipment patches however tend to favor some classes over the others.

If you want to get a preview of the skill tree for each class and to check the ranks of each ability, you can check out South Park’s Facebook page.


Attacks the last enemy in the row, dealing heavy damage and cause bleeding damage if done perfectly.


  • II: Fang of Darkness - Increased Backstab damage
  • III: Poking the Wound - This move now deals extra damage for every stack of Bleeding on the target
  • IV: Bloodletting - Successful Backstabs now inflict two stacks of Bleeding.
  • V: Assassin’s Blade - Stunned or slowed targets take additional damage.


Steals something from your targets on a Perfect Success and then allows you to do a sucker punch that will stun the target.


  • II: Waylay - Increased Mug damage
  • III: Steal Advantage - Successful stealing attempts now also swipe a random beneficial status effect from your target.
  • IV: Steal Life - When you successfully steal from an enemy, you also restore a few HP.
  • V: Down for the Count - Stun duration inflicted by Mug is increased


Pummel an enemy with a flying barrage of armor-shredding and shield-smashing weaponry.


  • II: Precise Strike - Inflict more damage with your finishing strike!
  • III: Coup de Grace -  Inflict extra damage against stunned targets.
  • IV: Hermorraghing Smash - Savor the violence and gain Attack Up after a Perfect Success.
  • V: Killing Spree - Take another action if Execute knocks out your target.


Stink Bombs
Toss rotten eggs at your target, causing Gross Out and removing beneficial status effects. Throw more eggs when done perfectly.


  • II: Rancid Ammo - Increases the damage inflicted by each stink bomb.
  • III: Endless Barrage - Increases the number of stink bombs thrown per turn.
  • IV: Egg Them On - Stink Bombs inflict Piss Off status to your foes, forcing them to attack you without using their special abilities.
  • V: Carton Bombing - Throws the rest of the carton to an enemy when done perfectly, splattering them and everyone nearby for extra damage.


Death of a Thousand Cuts
Call on your shadowy network of thieves to ambush your foes with a barrage of attacks, each causing Bleeding if done perfectly.


  •  II: The Perfect Cut - Increases the damage of each hit delivered by Death of a Thousand Cuts.
  • III: Confounding Blur – Enemies hit by this move are inflicted with Attack Down
  • IV: Guildmaster - Reduces the PP cost to use this ability.
  • V: Dance of Dseanguination – A successful final attack that causes all damage over time effects on your victim to take effect instantly.

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