Unplanned Parenthood

You'll have to disguise as a girl next. Choose the matching get up until you get a score of at least 80,000 points. Confirm your get up then you'll have to enter the abortion clinic. Jessica Rodriguez will be added to your friends list as well.



Head inside the clinic and talk to the nurse. Head inside alone and loot the nearby drawer. You won't be able to access the Records Room so head to the right and loot the next drawer before entering the Operating Room.



During the session, you have to keep mashing the S key to clench your sphincter. Pick up the surgical wear on the right side and equip them all. Now return to the Records Room and you'll be able to enter.



Search the 2013 records and a scene will be triggered. After that, you'll have to escape the clinic. Shrink yourself and enter the mouse hole.



There are nazi zombie rats in here. Just shoot the pipe above them and the soldier on the surface will shoot them. Continue to the right and shoot the pipe again to kill the two nazi zombie gnomes. Destroy the container and fetus next so you can fight the remaining gnome.



Continue to the right this time and destroy the cable insulation. Fart on the live wire to clear the way. Climb up the ladder next.


You'll find Randy in the next room. Equip your doctor disguise again and talk to Randy. You now have to perform an abortion while the agents are watching. This is just a mini-game and you have to follow the procedures. If you happen to let Randy's balls to be sucked by the vacuum, you'll be shot and it will be game over. After “successfully” completing the operation, leave the room for another scene.



Butters will give you a hand so change out of your disguise and take out the nazi zombie fetuses. Don't forget to loot the nearby drawer as well.


Head to the left and shrink yourselves. Go through the soldier's corpse and shoot the dangling wooden plank to create a pathway. Loot the cabinet along the way then climb on top of it. Enter the hole in the wall, destroy the obstacle and blow of the burning electrical box.



Continue to the right then shoot the pipe above the rats to kill them. Now enter through the grate a bit to the left of the rats. Once inside, just continue heading to the right and knock out the smaller mice along the way. Leave the vent once you reached the end.



In this section, there's an auto-turret that's blocking the way. Loot the item bag on the right first then shoot the grenade the dead soldier is handling. Once the path is cleared, enter the hole then go to the left to reach a chinpokomon.



Now use the alien probe to reach the valve on the upper part of the wall. Turn the water flow off then use the alien probe again to place yourself in the broken pipe. Follow the pipe to the left then shoot the cable holding the lamp above the turret. This will fall down on the turret below and destroy it.



Now backtrack and use the probe to reach the floor again. Use your Cup-a-Spell to blow up the turret and clear the way. As you move in to the left, several nazi zombie fetuses will attack you. Defeat them, loot the last drawer and exit through the door for a scene.



You now have to fight the Giant Nazi Zombie Fetus. This enemy has two parts: the main body and its umbilical cord. You can attack the umbilical cord first since it has lower HP and it heals the main body when it attacks. After that, just inflict as many status ailments as you can, especially multiple bleeding counts to quickly take out the main body. After defeating the fetus, return to Annie in the town hall.



(This quest is complete, refer to the Recruit the Girls main quest for the continuation)

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