Ability/ Build Advice



While there are many combinations of abilities and equipment, there are a few things to keep in mind as you progress through the witcher.



General ability advice:


  • Max the first level of axii (Delusion) to increase conversation options, gain extra xp and also improve its effectiveness in combat. This skill is one of the most useful in the game overall.


  • Consider maxing the first level of quen (Exploding shield) most powerful late game enemies can deal massive damage when they hit. Quen allows you to get hit once without taking any damage, while exploding shield disrupts the attacking enemy as well. This effect can also be used to forcibly interrupt an enemy allowing you to attack (i.e. golems and cyclopses). Even putting one point into the explode when hit ability (level 1) will save your life many times over.


  • Light attacks are far more useful than heavy ones. As your weapons become more powerful, the need for heavy strikes pretty much vanishes. Light attacks interrupt enemy attacks more often, don't leave you vulnerable as long and can be dodge cancelled easier (allowing you to avoid attacks more effectively). Once you get the damage over time upgrade (Crippling strikes), you can basically just watch your enemies die or cancel out regeneration effects altogether. The only reason to use a heavy attack is against shielded enemies, which you can just blast with spells anyway.


  • Consider putting one point in the general ability Sun and Stars. This handy ability increases your vitality regeneration in combat during the day (very useful during early game), and increases stamina regeneration in combat at night. Both of these are handy as passives. Especially early on. You can always reallocate your points later to swap it out when needed.


  • The rest of the ability points should be focused on one or at most two areas (there is no point having heaps of low level skills as you can only equip a max of 12 at a time). While this may sound like a lot, you'll find the slots fill up fast. Make sure to build around a core concept (like a melee fighter with one or two powerful spells such as quen and axii - the build I used to complete the game). Focusing in this way will also help you take advantage of legendary witcher gear's properties.


Example build (currently used):


  • Axii - Delusion: 3pts
  • Quen - Exploding shield: 3pts




  • Sun and Stars - 1pt




  • Light Attack - Muscle memory: 5pts
  • Light Attack - Precise blows: 5pts
  • Battle Trance - Undying: 5pts
  • Light Attack - Whirl: 5pts
  • Light Attack - Crippling strikes: 5pts
  • Battle Trance - Razor focus: 5pts
  • Battle Trance - Resolve: 5pts
  • Battle Trance - Flood of anger: 5pts




Cat/ Feline school legendary gear set


  • Why this set? The main reason is the 20% + 10% + 10% + 10% increases in attack power given by the armour items of the set. The set is also light armour which doesn't impact stamina recovery much (allowing you to cast more often) and it has identical defense to the legendary witcher gear mastercrafted bear/ ursine heavy armour set. The weapons also improve critical hit chance and provide bonus experience to help you level faster.


Example build 2 (mage style):




  • Light Attack - Muscle memory: 5pts




  • Griffin school techniques: 1pt




  • Axii - Delusion: 3pts
  • Quen - Exploding shield: 3pts
  • Yrden - Sustained glyphs: 2pts
  • Igni - Melt armor: 5pts
  • Quen - Active shield: 3pts
  • Yrden - Magic trap: 3pts
  • Igni - Firestream: 3pts
  • Quen - Quen intensity: 5pts
  • Igni - Igni intensity: 5pts
  • Yrden - Yrden intensity: 5pts




Griffin school legendary witcher set/ gear


  • A decent balance between defence and stamina regeneration (which you need while casting signs).


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