A Dangerous Game
Recommended Level: 12
Location/ Obtained From: Zoltan, outside his tavern in Novigrad



Objective: Get the Fringilla Vigo, Isengrim and Natalis cards for Zoltan


After watching the scene play out and the thugs making their exit, Zoltan will tell you about his new plan to sell his card collection. Of course he needs some help locating some of the remaining rare cards he needs, so it's time to start collecting (if you weren't already).


Your first port of call is a collector by the name of Zed who may have the missing cards in his possession, so head around the corner to his house. When you knock at the door, Geralt will hear sounds of a scuffle on the other side of the locked door. Looks like we're going to need to take the scenic route.


Objective: Find a way into Zed's home


At the base of the stairs leading up to Zed's door, look for a ladder leading upwards to some scaffolding, this will take you to the upper levels of Zed's house (you will need to jump across a gap in the walkway to reach it). Open the door to walk inside Zed's attic.


Objective: Search Zed's home using your witcher senses


Clamber down the ladder to find the body of Zed on the floor below. Looks like someone had a rather violent word with him. Head down to the ground floor to trigger a scene with the killers.


Objective: Find Zed's ledger using your witcher senses


Despite the objective, you'll need to deal with the two thugs first. They should drop fast if with a few hits from your steel sword. After the fight, use your senses to locate scratch marks on the floor underneath the stairs. Screw being subtle and use your aard sign to blast the boards out of the way and you'll find the ledger.


Objective: Find the Isengrim card


Search the bodies of the thugs to find one of the three cards you require for Zoltan.


Objective: Bring the card and Zed's ledger to Zoltan


Leave Zed's house and bactrack around the corner to where Zoltan is waiting for you. When you hand over the ledger, Zoltan will tell you a bit about the people who bought the cards and will come up with a plan to get one the card away from one of them.


Objective: Meet Zoltan in front of Caesar Bilzen's house

Note: This and the Ravik objective can be done in either order.


At the side of the main square, you'll find Zoltar waiting beside Caeser's place. Talk to him to begin your infiltration and find out Zoltan's plan. While Zoltan and Caesar talk, select responses until Zoltan sends you to fetch some more wine from upstairs (wink wink, nudge nudge).


Objective: Search upstairs in Caeser Bilzen's home using your witcher senses


Exit the room and walk up the stairs to the upper level of the house. On top of a cabinet, you'll see a knife outline in red. Examine it to open a locked draw in the cabinet. Loot the now open drawer to obtain a triangular key. Hmmm, where could this go? Turn around and examine the triangular hole in the bookshelf behind you to open a hidden passage to Caeser's collection. Examine and loot the objects you like before approaching the card on the stand at the back and nabbing it.


Note: You can take a white figurine/ statue from a cabinet here to trigger the sidequest - The Soldier Statuette


Objective: Let Zoltan know you've found the card


Now that you have what you came for, retreat back downstairs to inform Zoltan it's time to go. As you leave, a couple of Cleaver's thugs will arrive and attack Caeser, you can choose to help or just ignore the fight. Either way it doesn't impact anything. Leave the house with Zoltan.


Objective: Get the John Natalis card from Ravik


Follow the marker on the mini-map across town to the lower level of the Golden Sturgeon tavern. Where you'll find Radvik playing a rather unfriendly game of Gwent. During the scene, you can choose to play for the cards and Ravik's life, or just try to take it from them. As long as you've got a decent deck, the thug shouldn't be too hard to beat, either way you'll face off against the Duke's men in battle.


As usual for human opponents, take advantage of counterattacks and the quen sign while you slice them to ribbons. Once the second body hits the floor, take the card from Radvik and leave the tavern to return to Zoltan.


Objective: Bring the cards to Zoltan


Back at Zoltan's tavern, Zoltan will arrange to meet a buyer for the cards.


Objective: Go to the meeting with Zoltan's buyer


Follow Zoltan to the meeting place and suprise suprise, Duke's men are waiting for you. Never saw that coming. Unlike usual however, Zoltan will fend off the thugs and leave chasing Duke up to you.


Objective: Chase Duke


Despite this being a 'chase,' there is no time limit and it doesn't matter if Duke gets out of your sight range (Grand Theft Auto and Assassin's Creed's tailing missions could take note of this). Simply follow the trail up and down ladders until you eventually enter the sewers.


Here, you'll need to deal with a few drowners before finally reaching the injured Duke. Choose to kill him or not (no story impact) and backtrack all the way to Zoltan to finish things up. Zoltan will offer you coin or the three rare cards. Since the cards are one of a kind and money is plentiful anyway, it's not a really tough choice, is it? After that business is over, so is the quest.


A Deadly Plot
Recommended Level: 14
Location/ Obtained From: Djikstra at the Novigrad docks after completing the sidequest - Now or Never



Note: As of the 1.05 patch, this quest is bugged. After starting the quest, you will need to Meet Dijkstra at the Passiflora. When you talk to Marquise Serenity, she will not move and lock you out of the quest. Instead you will need to meditate until midday, and go to the girl's makeup room (the room on the ground floor with a mirror and large bath in the back corner). When you walk to the rear corner the scene will trigger of you talking to Marquise Serenity and you will teleport back to her location, starting the quest properly.


Objective: Meet Dijkstra at the Passiflora


If you are having trouble starting this quest, read the note above for details on how to fix it. Enter the Passiflora and talk to Marquise Serenity. She will lead you to the hidden upper area of the Passiflora where Dijkstra is waiting for you, along with Roche.


Objective: Talk to the Redanian liason


After your little chat with the masters of intrigue, leave the Passiflora and fast-travel to the Border Post sign. A little way to the North, you'll find your contact.


Objective: Find the shoemaker's wagon


After the scene plays out, follow the road South-East until you reach the abandoned wagon.


Objective: Look around for tracks using your witcher senses


After giving the wagon the once-over, look around on the ground nearby to spot some discarded shoes. This 'trail of soles' leads away into the forest. Almost like breadcrumbs. Follow it a short way into the woods to find a troll with a pile of shoes. Have a little talk with him to find out that the cobbler is in a nearby cave.


Objective: Find the troll's cave


In the search area, look to the right of the wooden scaffolding on the cliff face in the center of the circle to find the cave entrance.


Objective: Find the shoemaker in the troll's cave


Wind your way inside the cave to find the cobbler at the far end. And some trolls. A dialogue scene will play out here. To convince the trolls to release the cobbler without a fight, pick the following dialogue options:


I need this man. He's coming with me + Need him for a minute, no more. He'll be back 


Or of course you can threaten the trolls and deal with the situation that way.


Objective: Escort Thaler


After that's over, walk Thaler out of the cave and back down to the cart. After your chat ends, so does the quest.


Note: You will get the sidequest - Gwent: Playing Thaler after you finish talking


A Matter Of Life And Death
Recommended Level: 12
Location/ Obtained From: Triss, in her Novigrad hideout



Objective: Meet the Vegelbud's servant at the fishmarket. He's wearing a blue shirt and has keys hanging from his belt


After hearing about the situation from Triss, you'll need to scope out the people wearing blue at the nearby market. There are quite a few people wearing blue at the market, but if you examine their belts for keys, you'll find one at the South edge of the search circle next to the bridge who matches the description (the keys will be highlighted in red with witcher sense). Talk to him to trigger a scene.


Objective: Follow the Vegelbud's servant


And you're off. Trail after the servant after he crosses over the bridge... and immediately is set upon by three ruffians (apparently in the employ of witch hunters).


Objective: Help the servant fight off the bandits


Stab, slash, counterattack, blerg, dead. By this point in the game, dealing with basic human enemies should be second nature. After the scuffle, the servant will fill you in on all the details and Triss will agree to help the lady's son (eighty-five desserts notwithstanding). As usual with sorceresses, Geralt will instantly agree to follow along with her plans. But as it's a masquerade, Triss recommends he doesn't show up in his usual bloodied tattered armour.


Objective: Buy a mask to wear to the masquerade ball

Objective: Buy a fox mask for Triss Merigold

Optional Objective: Buy a new outfit. Doublet, trousers and boots


Time to pay another visit to Elihal (the cross dressing elvish tailor on the outskirts of Novigrad), for all these objectives. Buy the items you need (and the new outfit items if you like - or are trying to romance Triss),


Objective: Bring Triss the fox mask


Equip the new clothes in your inventory, return to Triss' lodgings, complement Triss on her dress and leave for the masquerade.


Objective: Meet Ingrid Vegelbud


After arriving at the grounds of the estate, follow the main walkway up the stairs until you reach the guards barring the way to the courtyard. After dealing with an acquaintance of Triss and a drunkard, you will make the acquaintence of Lady Vegelbud.


"It's me, the trout buyer." (Classic introductory line as you first meet the lady of the manor. Smooth Triss)


After organizing everything, you still need to find the errant son, so leave Lady Vegelbud to look for him.


Objective: Find Albert Vegelbud. He's wearing a panther mask.


The young Vegelbud can be found flirting with several ladies at the Southernmost search area. Talk to him to inform him of your intentions. Afterwards, you'll have some free time (while all the nobles get progressively more drunk) before you have to leave.


Objective: Wait on the bench with Triss Merigold

Objective: Find Triss Merigold in the labyrinth


Wander over to the marked bench and watch the scene play out, finding her in the maze and kissing Triss or not depending on which romantic partner you are aiming for.


Objective: Get out of the labyrinth


Follow the trail on the mini-map to make your way towards the maze's exit. As you get close, you'll be stopped by one of the ladies from earlier. And cue goons (how did they even get past the guards?).


Objective: Defeat the witch hunters


You'll engage the group in manly fisticuffs, but unlike some other fist-fights, you'll still have access to your signs and potions. So take advantage of quen or igni to make the fight much easier and heal up if you need to. Once the final hunter hits the deck, leave the maze while straightening your tunic with a dignified air.


Objective: Meet Triss and Albert in the stables


Head over to the nearby stables by following the marked trail to watch Triss escort the young man out of the estate as the fireworks burst overhead. And the quest is complete.


An Eye For An Eye
Recommended Level: 12
Location/ Obtained From: By talking to Roche at Temerian Partisian Hideout (location discovered during story quest 13 - Count Reuven's treasure when you have to talk to Roche, but can be accessed earlier)



Objective: Meet Roche by Hanged Man's Tree


Exit the cave and use the fast-travel sign to teleport to Hanged Man's Tree (you are guaranteed to have this sign, as it's where you first entered Velen). Trundle over to meet Roche at the base of the tree.


Objective: Kill all the Nilfgaardians

Objective: Save Ves


Well, time to kill two birds with one stone (or kill one and save the other, anyway). After the conversation with Roche, rush alongside him to the village and start smacking down the Nilfgaardians. There are a few to deal with, but they shouldn't pose much in the way of a threat. Take advantage of counterattacks, the quen sign and any other techniques you want to use to cut them down and rescue Ves.


You'll get to decide the fate of the final soldier in the scene after you save Ves, but it doesn't make any difference either way. Roche will thank you for your help and take Ves with him back to the cave (reminds me of the father and daughter in the movie the Croods).


Recommended Level: 14
Location/ Obtained From: Automatically after saving Dandelion in Story Quest 15 - A Poet Under Pressure



Objective: Meet Dandelion at the Rosemary and Thyme.


Head to the Rosemary and Thyme and speak with Dandelion about his ingenious plan.


Objective: Borrow a prop sword from Madame Irina.


Leave the Rosemary and Thyme and follow your minimap path of the gods to Madame Irina's theatre.


Objective: Meet Dandelion near Sophronia's house after dusk.


Leave the theatre and head to the lovely lady's house. A scene will trigger as you approach her front door. There are a few options here for what to do. Most are amusing. Dialogue options do not make a difference here. In the fight you can choose to win or lose. After a few hits you will be "beaten". Both will advance the quest.


Objective: Meet Dandelion in the morning at the Rosemary and Thyme.


As you approach at the right time, a scene will trigger. (At this point my game decided to crash behind a loading screen.) Decide on the decor, and head back out to help him.


Objective: Find Dandelion.


Follow the minimap trail to find Dandelion bashing on Polly's door. Head in and save her!


Objective: Look for the key using your witcher senses.


Find the key hidden nearby.


Objective: Open the door to Polly's home.


Open the door to trigger a scene. Being imposing makes things so much easier.


Objective: Find Rautlec and get the placards from him.


Head to his home and have a friendly chat to the people inside.


Objective: Talk to Rautlec in the Vegelbuds' residence.


Beat up the looters to get them to answer questions that they could have answered without issue. Fast travel to the front entrance of the residence, or head east to get there. Either enter the race, or pay the 200 yourself.


Optional Objective: Win the race.


Follow the path and win. Try to slow down the guy in front of you if you don't have a saddle with a large stamina increase.


Objective: Return to Dandelion.


Head to the entrance of the estate, and fast travel back to Novigrad. Talk to Priscilla to start the scene.

Honestly thought Geralt would have to take her place in the performance.


Carnal Sins
Recommended Level: 16
Location/ Obtained From: Completing Caberet Sidequest



Objective: Go meet with Von Gratz.


This can be done off the end of Caberet, which will skip this objective and move straight onto the next. Otherwise head over and talk to him.


Objective: Go through the sewers to get to the mortuary.


Head through the sewers and kill the drowners until you reach a ladder to climb.


Objective: Find the dwarven woodcarver's body using your witcher senses.


Search the area using your senses, looking at the red glowing bodies until you find the correct corpse. North-east ward. Once you have found the right body, investigate all the options to gather your information.


The following objectives can be done in any order.

Objective: Find Eustace the corpse collector.


Walk a dozen steps and have a chat with Eustace. You can use the Axii sign, bribe him, or intimidate him to get him talking.


Objective: Investigate the alley where Priscilla was attacked using your witcher senses.


Head to the alley and have a look with your witcher senses. Beat up the townspeople who attack you and chat to the whore.

  • Scent
  • Brazier
  • Footprint
  • Footprints
  • Paper
  • Blood


Objective: Examine the place where the woodcarver died using your witcher senses.


Head to the house and knock on the door to find out more about the victim. Once you're done talking, have a look around using your witcher senses.

  • Drag marks leading to bonfire
  • Blood stains next to bonfire
  • Bonfire
  • Paper on anvil
  • Workshop door (Leads to another area to search)
  • Eyes on bench
  • Blood on floor
  • Chair
  • Scent


Objective: Talk to coroner.


Head back to the coroner. Next victim anyone?


Note: Race: The Great Erasmus Vegelbud Memorial Derby will become available.


Objective: Go to the Vegelbuds' residence.


Fast travel to the estate and talk to the guard. This guard can walk through doors.


Objective: Follow Ingrid to Patricia's room.


Follow Ingrid into the house and head upstairs to trigger a scene.


Objective: Chase the murderer.


Give chase and slaughter some dogs. Fight the guards, and a scene will trigger once you bring down one of them.


Objective: Find Sweet Nettie at Crippled Kate's.


Leave the estate and fast travel back to Novigrad. Don't forget to sigh at the guards of fail as you leave. As you enter you will trigger a scene.


Objective: Enter Sweet Nettie's room.


Head upstairs to find the torture mid way.


Objective: Go to the warehouse near the port.


Head to the warehouse and open the door to trigger the scene.


Objective: Kill the vampire. (1)


This guy does less damage than the looters and townspeople you had to beat up bare handed. Stab him until he dies. He is vulnerable against vampire oil, and the Igni sign.


Objective: Talk to Dandelion about Priscilla's condition.


Head back to check on her.


Fencing Lessons
Recommended Level: 12
Location/ Obtained From: Near the end of Story Quest 11 - Broken Flowers



Objective: Tell the guard captain about the fencing lessons.


Return to the rambunctious young lady's house, who you battled against in the earlier story mission, and talk to the guard captain at the entrance to gain entrance to the house.


Objective: Meet with Rosa.


Follow the trail to find Rosa standing on a bridge.


Objective: Follow Rosa.


As above.


Objective: Defeat Rosa.


Just slash at her a few times and when her health is low enough, the fight will be over.


Objective: Use your witcher senses to find Rosa.


Use your witcher senses to follow the trail of footprints until you trigger a scene.


Fists of Fury: Novigrad
Recommended Level: 23
Location/ Obtained From: Heirarch Square noticeboard



Objective: Defeat Georgius Georg

Objective: Defeat Archibald O'Neill

Objective: Defeat Iron Mortimer


You'll need to take on three medium difficulty opponents spread out around the city. Take advantage of counterattacks and your dodge ability and they should pose little problem.


Objective: Fight the Tailor for the Novigrad title


After finding the Tailor on the outskirts of the city, you'll be in for your first real fist fight challenge. The Tailor will often use light attacks instead of heavy swings, meaning you have to react quicker with your counterattack attempts. Thankfully you can always reload the fight until you have practiced enough to emerge victorious. Another champion down.


Haunted House
Recommended Level: 7
Location/ Obtained From: Hierarch Square noticeboard, after Story Quest 10 - Novigrad Dreaming



Objective: Visit the haunted house again


Head to the haunted house and have a chat with Sarah.


Hey, You Want To Look At My Stuff?
Recommended Level: 6
Location/ Obtained From: Merchant, at Western edge of Novigrad to the West of Gregory's Bridge sign



Approach the merchant and agree to look at his wares. After the mage hunters scare him off, tell them:


Left his soup on the burner


Choosing the other option will end this quest prematurely.


Objective: Search the area using your witcher senses


Examine the fallen potion on the ground and follow the scent around the corner to a nearby alley to conclude your business with the merchant.


High Stakes
Recommended Level: 26
Location/ Obtained From: Noticeboard in Central Novigrad



Objective: Find the scribe in the Passiflora and sign up for the high-stakes gwent tournament.


Head to the Passiflora and speak with the Scribe and he will check the potency of your deck. Then pay the 1000 gold entry fee.


Objective: Mingle with the other contestants.


Talk to all the contestants. When you are done the Count shall arrive, explain the rules, and start the matches.


Objective: Win your match against Bernard Tulle.


Use your epic entry level Gwent skills to beat the halfling.


Objective: Meet Sasha on the balcony.


Head upstairs to hear her proposition.


Objective: Win against Sasha.


Just win. Easy enough. Geralt is master at this game by now. Oh and by the way, after you win this round, you will have to play the other one straight off. No saves between this one. Oh, and a fist fight. Good luck. There is a way to glitch him to get some healing in if you watch the video.


Objective: Win against Count Tybalt.


Hey, at least you got to save. Beat this guy to win.


Objective: Follow the guard to the crime scene.


Follow the slightly confused guard upstairs.


Objective: Investigate the cime scene using your witcher senses.


Have a quick look around in complete silence.

  • Body
  • Scratch marks near door
  • Crossbow bolt outside


Objective: Check for clues behind the brothel using your witcher senses.


Make your way around the back, and have a look at the rope tied to the post.


Objective: Use your witcher senses to see where the scent leads to.


Follow the trail to a crate lying on the ground.


Objective: Meet Sasha at the warehouse.


Run around the streets some more until you reach the warehouse.


Objective: Find a way to get into the warehouse.


Head around to the other side of the building, climb some boxes, and walk through the window.


Objective: Check whats going on.


Walk around until you find the guys standing there.


Objective: Defeat Bernard and his goons.


Beat them up. At least you can use your weapons now.


Honor Among Thieves
Recommended Level: 9
Location/ Obtained From: Rescuing Rico from the top floor of the Casino (requires you to investigate the casino objective) during story quest - Get Junior



Objective: Collect a reward from the King of Beggars for freeing Rico


Simply stroll down to the compound and talk to the King of Beggars to get paid.


Message From An Old Friend
Recommended Level: N/A
Location/ Obtained From: Bookstore owner in bookshop, north side of Hierarch Square



Objective: Find a book with a red cover using your witcher senses.


Have a look around the store for all the red glowing books. Read the note inside.


Novigrad, Closed City
Recommended Level: 11
Location/ Obtained From: Bandit, Northwest of Hierarch Square

Note: If you wander too far away from the trail, the quest will fail.



Objective: Track the smell of blood and sewer much using your witcher senses


You heard the objective, get to it Geralt.


Objective: Follow the missing man's trail using your witcher senses


Keep at it. Just before a door, turn to the left to find him. The bandits may have some issues 'finding' him after you do.Just walk around a bit until they do.


Now Or Never
Recommended Level: 14
Location/ Obtained From: Triss, after completing sidequest - A matter of life and death

Note: The Soldier Statuette must be completed before completing this quest, or else it will fail (not straight away, but you will be unable to complete it).



Objective: Meet Triss


When you reach the top level of the lodgings that Triss is staying at, you'll find her arguing with the landlord over payment. During the scene, you can let her hand over her necklace, or change her mind. Either way, you're going to be trudging through the sewers in short order. But first, we need to check on one of the other mages in the city.


Objective: Follow Triss to Berthold and Anisse's hideout


Leave the lodgings and immediately get attacked by the city guards. Triss will help out while she is with you during this sidequest with fire spells and acting as a general distraction. Shake and bake the guards with counterattacks and the quen sign. Once the coast is clear, Geralt will continue following Triss. Do so carefully and when she stops and crouches down, make sure you are behind her and out of sight to avoid roaming patrols. If you're quick enough, you can avoid every fight and reach the hideout unmolested.


Climb up the stairs to the upper floors when you arrive. When you reach the top floor, you'll find that the people sheltering the mages have betrayed them to the witch hunters. Cue fatality music as Geralt repaints the walls red. Afterwards, the rescued pair of mages will agree to follow Triss.


Objective: Follow Triss


Back down the stairs out of the house, repeating the cautious method of advance from before. You should be able to avoid the witch hunters and make it to the tavern without incident. When you arrive however, that's another story.


Objective: Kill the witch hunters

Objective: Enter the mage's hideout and follow Triss


Quickly deal with the trio of witch hunters to trigger a scene and meet the rest of the fleeing mages. Watch the long scene play out and talk to Djikstra for a bit before listening to Triss's plan. Ugh, sewer duty.


Objective: Find a path through the sewers


Descend the stairs (making sure Triss is following you). During the trek through the sewers, Triss will talk to you and call out whenever she finds a dead end. Usually a hint for you to find an alternate path. At the second corner, you'll meet a pair of drowners. Bring them down with the usual combination of igni and light attacks (there are a fair few to deal with in the sewers so expect to repeat this several times). After finishing off the lone drowner in the next room, Triss will begin to complain about the dead end. Roll your eyes and use the aard sign to blast open the weakened wall next to you, revealing a hidden library and new path forward.


You can loot the library for books if you wish and Triss will talk about coming back to retrieve the tomes at a later date. However, you need to press on. Blast down another wall at the back of the library to continue along the brick passages. Another pair of drowners await on the other side for you to deal with. Keep heading downwards and you'll emerge on a ledge overlooking the room which has a horde of rats waiting below.


Objective: Find a way to cross the rat's feeding ground


Well, stuff complicated tactics and just run down the stairs and start swinging at the rats. Triss will follow you down and begin bathing the area in flames. Once all the rats are dead, you can continue your exploration.


After the rat room, continue following the stairs and rooms deeper, finding bodies drained of blood and claw marks lining the walls as you go, You can probably guess what you're about to encounter shortly. Yep, a Katakan (vampire). This enemy has multiple weaknesses to take advantage off. Moon dust bombs, and devil's puffball work well against it. Vampire oil will increase your damage. Sign-wise, you should use yrden to reveal it when it becomes invisible and igni for damage during the fight.


The vampire will use invisibility to attack you from behind, as well as swinging at you with it's sharp claws. Triss will support you during the fight, so take advantage of her distractions when she attacks. As long as you time your attacks well, the vampire shouldn't take long to bring down. Make sure to loot the chests here before leaving the room. Trekking through a couple more rooms will lead you out into the fresh air once more, to find yourself at the docks.


Objective: Meet Djikstra at the docks


Approach the docks to meet Djikstra for a scene. A few seconds later, you'll be attacked by witch hunters (how many of these guys have we killed by this point?). Finish off the group to trigger a scene and watch as the mages flee Novigrad, finishing the sidequest.


Results: The mages escape the city safely, but as a result the witch hunters begin to target non-human races and other 'different' people.


Of Dairy And Darkness
Recommended Level: 9
Location/ Obtained From: Merchant icon on the map to the South-East of St. Gregory's Bridge or by going to the run-down residence



Objective: Find out more about the run-down residence


You can either visit the place or talk to the merchant to find out more about Aeramas' estate. Either way, make sure you buy all the quest items in the merchant's inventory as you will need them later in this quest.


Objective: Search Aeramas' residence using your witcher senses


Fast-travel back to the estate and head right for the middle of the search area inside the building. You should see a chalked pentegram on the ground you can examine.


Objective: Use Aeramas' artifacts to activate the portal


Provided you bought everything from the merchant, interact with the circle again to trigger it.


Objective: Use the portal in Aeramas' residence


Walk into the swirling vortex.


Objective: Investigate Aeramas' dungeon


You will find yourself in a large room with a massive area filled with small pillars on the ground below.


Objective: Find a way to pass through the lyromancy rooms


Apparently Aeramas stored cheeses here. Cheese with a smell so lethal it can actually kill you. Yeah, I'm not kidding. If you wander too close to these cheeses, Geralt will hold his breath. Remain in the area too long and you will run out of breath and die. You need to reach the opposite side to the one you start on and head right up a ramp (South-East). Pass through the pillars quickly and when you see your breath recovering (there are clean air areas), replenish it. At the end of the path in the circular room, you'll find a portal you can activate to leave the cheese behind.


Objective: Find your way through the flooded chamber


Descend the path in front of you until you reach the water below. Head South and follow the waterlogged trail, jumping up a few of the crumbling platforms until you arrive at Aeramas' workshop. Grab the glowing objects (Aerama's notes and bull figurine) off the table to trigger a fight with a couple of foglets. Quen and yrden will get you past them pretty easily like usual. After the fight, look for another archway nearby that has a sign you can trigger to open another portal.


Objective: Deactivate the magic barrier and get to Aeramas' treasure


There are two stones you need to use igni on in this room. One is clearly visible to the right. The one on the opposite side is hiding behind an illusion. So dispel it and blast the stone with flames to get rid of the barrier and obtain the items inside. Take the snake figurine as well, just in case. After you've taken the treasure the quest will end. However, instead of being stuck in the dungeon, head up the stairs behind the treasure chest to find an archway you can interact with to get a portal out of there.


Of Swords and Dumplings
Recommended Level: 24
Location/ Obtained From: Blacksmith icon on map to the East of the Novigrad docks signpost.



Note: Completing this sidequest gives you access to the master blacksmith in Novigrad


You'll meet Hattori at his shop, where he offeres you a dumpling and tells you of his woes (revolving around the fact he isn't able to be a smith anymore). Agree to help him to begin the quest in earnest.


Objective: Go to the docks after dusk to meet Hattori's supplier


Wonder if that is a Hattori Hanzo reference (the samurai and master swordsmith). Leave the store and walk along the docks (meditate until dusk if needed) to trigger a scene with Hattori.


Objective: Help Hattori make a deal with his supplier


Follow Hattori away from the docks and down a couple of streets to meet the King of Beggar's men. To get the best possible deal, pick the following dialogue options:


Let's negotiate + Still too much + Fine, no deal


After the negotiations are concluded, you'll find that Cleaver's men have taken a dislike to your faces and will decide to perform a facelift on you all, gratis.


Objective: Escape the ambush


Escape? Oh sorry, I thought you meant slaughter everything. Yeah, ignore the objective and just kill all of Cleaver's men. After they are all dead, you and Hattori will "escape." Talk to the King of Beggar's man in the scene afterwards and Hattori will bugger off.


Objective: Talk to Hattori in his dumpling shop


Annnnd flee back to his shop. When you arrive you'll find him cowering inside, spluttering something about hiring him a bodyguard. Sigh, a witcher's work is never done.


Objective: Enlist Sukrus from Skellige as Hattori's bodyguard


Note: this sequence can be screwed up by nearby bandits, meaning you draw your sword during the fist-fight and are unable to put it away. Thus being locked in the fight forever. Reload if this happens.


To the pub! Well, outside it really. You'll meet Sukrus in mid-conversation with a merchant. After interrupting, you'll be engaged in a brawl with the fellow. Put up your dukes and smack him around a bit (remember to use counterattacks and dodges to make life much easier). After the fight, you'll accompany him inside the Sturgeon for a drink. Inside you'll have a chat about exchanging favours, before leaving with a new task.


Objective: Convince the Skellige merchant to pay his debts to Sukrus or destroy his goods


Head out on to the pier nearby to find the merchant. At his ship, you can either go straight for the goods (smashing the bottles I mean) or you can talk to him and use the axii sign to make him pay up. Either way, your job is done.


Objective: Tell Sukrus you've solved his problem


Leave the boat and return to the Golden Sturgeon to let Sukrus know the result.


Objective: Return to Hattori


Now that you've enlisted Sukrus, it's time to return to Hattori and tell him the good news. When you talk to Hattori, it seems there is still work to be done. Agree to help him yet again.


Objective: Gather Sukrus and his boys


Walk out the door to have a natter with Sukrus about Hattori's scheme.


Objective: Meet Sukrus by van Hoorn's warehouse after dark


Meet up with a really inconspicuous Sukrus (seriously, hiding behind the corner like that?) to plot your entry to the warehouse.


Objective: Get into Ernst van Hoorn's warehouse


Listen to the mission impossible music in your head as you.... walk up to the guard at the door and bribe him/ mind control him. Yeah, stealth infiltration this aint. Open the now unlocked door behind him to get inside.


Objective: Use your witcher senses to find crates containing crafting supplies and mark them with chalk (3)


Inside the warehouse, interact with the three crates which have red vapour/ scent coming off them when you use your witcher senses.


Objective: Tell Sukrus to take the crates


Walk out the door and into another fight.


Objective: Defeat van Hoorn and his thugs


Why couldn't we just beat up van Hoorn to begin with? Seems like it would have saved a lot of time. Beat them up to wrap things up.


Objective: Talk to Hattori about the sword he promised you


Return to the smith to be told "Come back in a few days." *Meditating.... Meditating... Sword has appeared.* Pick up your sword and the quest is over. Master smith unlocked.


Redania's Most Wanted
Recommended Level: 12
Location/ Obtained From: Radovid during Story Quest 14 - The Play's The Thing



Objective: Talk to the witch hunters in front of Philippa's hideout.


Head to the hideout and talk to witch hunters.


Objective: Open Philippa's hideout.


As soon as you enter the ruins, there is a blastable hidden door with some witcher weapon diagrams. Walk down the stairs to find the purple magic door and use your witcher senses to find a half hidden tile puzzle on the wall to the right. Place the missing tile in to open the magic door.


Objective: Search Philippa's hideout.


Head down the stairs to find a portal. Through it is a glowing red feather, and some Nekkers guarding the path to the following room. Another set of stairs leads to an inactive portal. Use your witcher senses to locate the portal gem to turn it on.


Objective: Use Aard to activate the crystal.


As it says, use Aard to make the crystal glow again. Head through the portal for a scene.


Objective: Place the crystal in the right spot.


Head out to the balcony to place the crystal.


Objective: Use Aard to activate the crystal.


Aard it up, and walk through the portal. Nekkers will attack (and even possibly knock you down a hole). In the next room is another feather. At the bottom of the cave is a power cell. Pick it up.


Objective: Place the crystal in the right spot.


Backtrack to the balcony and place the crystal. Guess what next?


Objective: Use Aard to activate the crystal.


Yup. Head through the portal. In this area, there is a fire demon (Ifrit). There is also another feather if you are interested. Head through the door the Ifrit was guarding.


Objective: Search Philippa's quarters using your witcher senses.


There are a few things to find in here.

  • Notes
  • Surgical Tools
  • Agate
  • Megascope


Objective: Talk to Yennefer about the crystal from Philippa's hideout.


Backtrack all the way out of the cave. When you get out, if you tell the hunters about the crystal but do not give it to them, they will all attack you. Be warned. Depending on what stage of the story you are at, Yennefer should be in Kaer Morhen, but may be in a different location. Her exact location there will not show until you have fast travelled there. Do so, and follow the minimap trail to find her in the great hall.


Objective: Tell Radovid what you learned about Philippa.


Fast travel to Oxenfurt, to inform Radovid of your findings. And if you have selected it, give him the crystal as well. Go to the docks and talk to the guard.


The Dwarven Document Dilemma
Recommended Level: 2
Location/ Obtained From: Rostan Muggs, to the East of Tretogor Gate just past the Eastern bridge leading out of Novigrad



Objective: Go to the place where Muggs was attacked and examine it using your witcher senses


Cross to the far side of the nearby bridge and examine the remnants of the broken bottle.


Objective: Use your witcher senses to follow the clues to find Mugg's attackers


Follow the scent trail to the front of a nearby tavern to find a man sitting on a bench, When you meet the man, you will have four options for dealing with him.


  • Threaten him
  • Use the axii sign
  • Play him in gwent for them
  • Pay him gold


Choose whichever method appeals to you and get the papers back.


Objective: Compare Mugg's and the attacker's accounts


Return across the bridge to Mugg and tell him what you've learned to finish things up.


The Gangs Of Novigrad
Recommended Level: 9
Location/ Obtained From: Automatically given during story quest - Get Junior


Note: This sidequest must be completed before you find out Whoreson Junior's whereabouts or else it fails the sidequest.


Note: Completing this sidequest will make the opening objectives in story quest 12 - Get Junior easier (by giving you allies in the early fights), but will make infiltrating Whoreson's hideout at the end more difficult as the guards will raise the alarm due to recognizing you.



Objective: Talk to Cleaver


After hearing Cleaver's suggestion to meet him (after the events at the bathhouse), he'll ask you to lead his forces against Whoreson's business interests. Agree to help him out.


Objective: Meet Cleaver's dwarves outside the casino


Talk to the dwarves outside and join them in rushing inside and laying waste to Whoreson's security forces. You'll find a tied up prisoner in the room on the top floor. Release him to unlock the sidequest - Honor among thieves. Onto the next shakedown. Essentially doing this skips to the fight stage at the end of the Casino in story quest 12 - Get Junior.


Objective: Meet Cleaver's dwarves outside the arena


Cross the city and lead the dwarves once again.


Objective: Destroy Whoreson Junior's arena


And inside continue the established trend of slaying Whoreson's men. Once the area is clear a new objective will pop up.


Objective: Talk to Cleaver


Return to Cleaver to collect your pay, then go back to doing the story mission.


The Soldier Statuette
Recommended Level: 14
Location/ Obtained From: During A Dangerous Game Sidequest, if you chose to take the statuette from Caesar's hidden upstairs room.


Must be completed before completing Now Or Never Sidequest.


Objective: Talk to Triss about the statuette.


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