Skellige (cont)

SIDEQUESTS - Skellige (cont)


The Family Blade
Recommended Level: 15
Location/ Obtained From: Kaer Trolde Harbor noticeboard



Objective: Look for a thieves' camp near the obelisk


After taking the quest from the noticeboard, fast-travel to the crossroads or just follow the trail on your mini-map. When you arrive at the large search area circle, you'll find the camp about twenty paces from the obelisk at the top of the hill.


Objective: Kill the thieves


Walk into the camp and start cutting the brigands down.


Objective: Search the thieves' camp for the sword named Kuliu


After sifting through their junk, you'll find a thief's journal. Read it in the quest items section of your inventory.


Objective: Track down the thieves at the old fort

Objective: Kill the thieves

Objective: Search the thieve's camp for the sword named Kuliu


Rinse and repeat again, only this time on a different bunch of thieves. Read the note once again.


Objective: Look for thieves near the whale graveyard

Objective: Kill the thieves

Objective: Search the thieve's camp for the sword named Kuliu


Anyone else getting a feeling of deja vu here? Slaughter the new camp to finally find the sword.


Objective: Return Kuliu to the Kaer Trolde guardsman named Olaf


Fast travel back to Kaer Trolde and hand over the blade. Ah, no more thieves to kill. Yay!


The Heroes' Pursuits: Fayrlund
Recommended Level: N/A (not shown)
Location/ Obtained From: Automatic after accepting the sidequest - The Heroes' Pursuits: For the Goddess' Glory



Objective: Go to where the race starts


Simply walk over to the race organizer and enter.


Objective: Ride as fast as you can and win!


These are the high level of race, so they are a bit harder to win successfully, but if you have decent equipment for your horse you should be fine. This track is extremely short, so go flat out from the start.


The Heroes' Pursuits: For the Goddess' Glory
Recommended Level: N/A (not shown)
Location/ Obtained From: Larvik noticeboard




Objective: Win each of the qualifying races at least once


To enter the final race, you need to complete the following sidequests:


  • The heroe's pursuits: Fyresdal
  • The heroe's pursuits: Fayrlund
  • The heroe's pursuits: Kaer Trolde


Once you have completed all three, return.


Objective: Go to the race's starting line


Talk to the old priestess at edge of the village once again to enter the final race.


Objective: Be the first past the finish line


Now this race can be tough, especially if you are playing on a console. This is because your horse will come to a full stop if it brushes against anything solid. Costing you precious time. The track is short, so you should be able to make it without slowing down at all to regain stamina. So go flat out from the start. Really it's just a matter of skill and persistence. Keep at it and you should claim victory and recieve the best saddle in the game. Now that you likely no longer have a use for it. Brilliant.


The Heroes' Pursuits: Fyresdal
Recommended Level: N/A (not shown)
Location/ Obtained From: Automatic after accepting the sidequest - The Heroes' Pursuits: For the Goddess' Glory



Objective: Go to where the race starts


Simply walk over to the race organizer and enter.


Objective: Ride as fast as you can and win!


These are the high level of race, so they are a bit harder to win successfully, but if you have decent equipment for your horse you should be fine.


The Heroe's Pursuits: Kaer Trolde
Recommended Level: N/A (not shown)
Location/ Obtained From: Automatic after accepting the sidequest - The Heroes' Pursuits: For the Goddess' Glory



Objective: Go to where the race starts


Simply walk over to the race organizer and enter.


Objective: Ride as fast as you can and win!


These are the high level of race, so they are a bit harder to win successfully, but if you have decent equipment for your horse you should be fine.


The Last Wish
Recommended Level: 15
Location/ Obtained From: Yennefer automatically after completing story quest - Nameless



Note: This sidequest needs to be completed before you leave for the story quest 26 - Isle of Mists


Objective: Meet Yennefer in Larvik


Fast-travel to Larvik in Skellige to find her waiting for you at the local tavern. After you meet, she'll fill you in on her plans.


Objective: Go to Larvik's harbour with Yennefer


Follow Yennefer down the main road to the docks for another brief chat.


Objective: Get on the boat with Yennefer


I suppose at least you don't have to steer the thing. Just jump on the boat and take a seat at the far end.


Objective: Help Yennefer find the djinn


Now Yennefer will sail you out into the open waters. On the way to the wreck, you'll have a little chat about this and that. When you reach the dive site, Yennefer will cas a spell on you, allowing you to effectively breath underwater (no breath bar).


Objective: Search the bottom of the bay using your witcher senses


Dive overboard into the murky depths to see a huge hole leading down into an underwater cavern. Swim down into it and ready your crossbow for a few wandering drowners in the area. After dealing with them, continue your descent to find the remains of several ships in the underwater cave. Make sure to grab the chest near the far end to get the killer whale recipe for future diving expeditions. Examine the broken vessel that glows red. After that, you can return to the surface. Off you go once again in the boat.


The second ship will be closer to the surface than the last one and mostly intact. Search the prow of the ship closest to the surface to find a shield next to a chest. Examine it to conclude your search here. Swim upwards and continue the search in your little leaky boat.


The third location will be swarming with sirens. Immediately pull out your crossbow and start firing as soon as you see them. After the area is clear of clawing and biting things, swim down to the seabed below (a fair way down). Right at the bottom of the crater, you'll find part of a ship. Examine the small glowing red object on the ground next to it to pick up a broken seal, the object Yennefer requires.


Objective: Search the ship using your witcher senses


When you arrive at the ship (much to Geralt's relief), you can examine the ship for glowing red items:


  • Several bottles, scissors and a telescope on the lower and upper level (useless)
  • Shoes on the ground on lower level
  • Slide marks on the ground at back of lower level (important)


After finding the slide marks on the lower level, interact with the fallen shelves to find the missing mage and the other half of the seal.


Objective: Follow Yennefer to the top deck


Walk up to the upper area of the ship. Shortly afterwards, Yennefer will use the seal to summon the djinn.


Objective: Stop the djinn


When the djinn appears, it will begin attacking with electrical attacks. Your best bet is to tank the damage and run up to it to start hitting it with your blade as quick as you can. Drink a swallow potion if you start losing health too fast. Those with bombs can use dimetrium bombs to damage the djinn from range, while those with elementa oil can use that to increase their damage for the fight. As long as you keep up the sword assault though, you should be able to bring it down quickly enough. After that, watch the final scene play out before the quest ends.


The Lord Of Undvik
Recommended Level: 17
Location/ Obtained From: Conversation with Crach at the end of story quest - The King Is Dead - Long Live The King



Objective: Explore the ruins of Urskar and search for signs of Hjalmar's presence using your witcher senses


Well, first things first. Geralt will need to travel to the correct island. The one you're looking for is a big triangular one to the South-West of Kaer Trolde. Hop in a boat and avoid the sirens and other water based enemies as you make your way to it.


After landing on one of the two beaches of the island, you'll need to head inland to discover the demolished village of Urskar and the remnants of a major battle fought in the area.


Objective: Follow the trail of blood using your witcher senses


Near the fast-travel marker in the middle of the village, you'll spot huge puddles of blood with footprints leading away from the village. Follow it up the hillside until you reach a cave entrance, which the crew must have entered to escape the giant.


Objective: Find out what happened to Hjalmar's crew.


After entering the cave, you'll see the footprints end at a ledge, signifying that you should jump into the water below. Splash into the water below and quickly head for solid ground. Several erynias (harpy enemies) will be flying around the area for you to deal with. Like usual, fast attacks and takedowns will finish them off quickly, leaving you free to explore the caves.


Head for the Northern end of the cave to find the trail of the sailors once again. Blood spatters and enemy bodies litter the path for you to follow. Climb up along the series of ledges until you leave the cave via an upper exit, battling the devourers in the final passage.


Find Hjalmar


Enter the building in front of you to find out what happened to Hjalmar's crew. A trio of devourers will be in a side room for you to engage, before you follow the set of footprints leading from the building towards the beach down the hill. Here you'll finally find Hjalmar under attack from flying enemies. After a brief discussion, you'll accompany Hjalmar on his final attempt to find and slay the giant. Follow the trail to the fallen stones blocking the lair of the giant and clear the path during the scene.


Objective: Find a way to the giant's lair.

Enter the cave and work your way through. When you reach the back of the cave, you will trigger a scene, and find one of Hjalmar's men in a cage.


Let's free him. - Vigi initiates the fight with the giant
All right. Let him stay there. - Results in caged man's death during fight against giant.


Objective: Avoid snow - the sound of it crunching under your feet will awake the giant.

Optional Objective: Find the key to Vigi's gate using your witcher senses.


Cross the room, carefully avoiding the white snow on the ground, until you reach a chest with a light behind it to the left of the giant. Examining the chest with your senses will highlight it in red. Inside is the key for Vigi's cage.


Optional Objective: Free Vigi


Carefully return to the cage and unlock it to trigger a scene.


Objective: Kill the giant.


The giant is vulnerable against Ogroid Oil, and the Quen sign. Make sure to have the Quen sign active during the battle to soak up the powerful attacks.


At the start he will use close range swipes. The giant will also roar and charge across the map, swinging his arms. Another common attack is to slowly raise his foot, and bring it down dealing area of effect damage. Hjalmar is immortal and will slightly distract the giant occasionally, allowing easier movement and attack. 


If you didn't release Vigi, when the giant has lost a quarter of his health, Vigi will be killed indirectly. If you did release Vigi, he will join the fight with you. He is not immortal, and has a health bar showing his life.


Once the giant picks up the anchor, he will use it in attacks, increasing his range. He will swing it down in a line straight ahead of him. If you are close enough, he will do a swipe with his free arm, knocking you back.


After the giant goes down, make sure to stay behind so you can get some nice loot from the giant's corpse. If you do this, you will need to meet him at the boat symbol on the map, to see him off for his return voyage home.


The Nithing
Recommended Level: N/A (not shown)
Location/ Obtained From: Rannvaig noticeboard



Objective: Talk to Lothar


You'll find Lothar a little way away from the main village area. Lean over the fencepost and have a natter about his problems.


Objective: Investigate the Nithing


Walk over to where the skull is next to the fence and examine it.


Objective: Follow the tracks using your witcher senses


Afterwards, you'll likely spot the footprints below leading away from it. Follow them to a nearby tree with and examine the shawl trapped in it's branches.


Objective: Follow the scent using your witcher senses


Follow the trail like a bloodhound until you arrive at the village.


Objective: Ask about the shawl's owner


You'll find the person you need to talk to in a blue dress right on the West edge of the search area. Ask her about the shawl to find out it belongs to a merchant a few feet away.


Objective: Talk to Lothar about how to lift the curse


When you talk to Lothar, you'll be presented with the choice on who to direct the curse at. Make your call.


Optional Objective: Carve Jonna's name into the Nithing


If you choose to kill Jonna, walk over to the fence and carve the name into it.


Optional Objective: Return to Lothar for your reward


Walk back over to Lothar and pick up your pay. Quest finished.


The Path Of Warriors
Recommended Level: 16
Location/ Obtained From: Gunnar, next to trail to Yngvar's Fang to the North-East of Urialla Harbor



Objective: Reach the start of the path


After hearing the details from the crotchety old man, head North along the track.


Objective: Collect proof you made it to the top of the peak


Ready your aard sign and sword to face a few sirens as you travel along this path. Also make sure that you remember to hold the jump button down until you land in case you miss (as otherwise you will not grab the ledge and fall to your death). You will need to run along the cliff path jumping several large gaps until you reach the top of the cliffs.


The path is fairly straightforward, just look for climbable ledges if you get stuck. At the top, you'll have to deal with a couple more weak flying enemies. Make sure to use the place of power while you are there as well. Afterwards, pick up the token from the post in the middle of the circle and fast-fast travel back to the start again.


Objective: Descend down to the cave entrance


This time you'll have to take the left paths when you can until you end up on a walkway that leads to the ruins of an old castle (with some witcher legendary gear diagrams inside if you want to explore). Drop down from the walkway to the scrub below when you find a safe spot and follow the mini-map trail throught the woods to the entrance of a cave.


Objective: Travel through the tunnel and collect proof you made it to the end


Now, inside the tunnel you'll find a waterlogged path. Be warned that the path is extremely long and will almost exhaust your breath if you do it without taking the killer whale potion. There is a point you can surface along the way (but this is risky if you cannot find it), where gargoyles will be waiting to attack.


The best method is to use the killer whale potion if you have it, swim to the far end of the watery cavern, catch your breath and then dive back down to the floor of the underwater cave to find the second token in a chest using your witcher senses. You can do it without the potion, but you must be quick and efficient with your swimming, otherwise you will drown.


Objective: Leave the caverns and talk to the man who oversees the path


Return to the man by the signpost and hand him the tokens to finish the quest.


The Sad Tale of the Grossbart Brothers
Recommended Level: 26
Location/ Obtained From: Djenge Fett next to signpost in Blandare



Objective: Look for the Grossbart brothers in southern Ard Skellige


After agreeing to help the bounty hunter, you'll need to travel a fair distance. So hopefully you have a fast-travel sign around the South-East edge of Ard Skellige. You can use the distillery or Fyresdal to make things easier, as those are the closest to the marker. Don't try to cross the mountains on the coast though. As you'll likely go into a slide and fall to your death. Instead, work your way to the North end of the mountain range on the coast and then circle around it and travel either in the water or along the rocky coast to find the Grossbart brother's cave lair.


 Objective: Help the bounty hunter deal with the Grossbart brothers


After meeting up with the bounty hunter inside the cave, continue deeper inside. A little further in you'll run into the nefarious trio. Use counters, the quen sign and igni to dominate the battle and bring all three down. Afterwards you'll obtain your reward and complete the quest.


The Tower Outta Nowheres
Recommended Level: 30
Location/ Obtained From: Visiting Urialla Harbor



Objective: Enter the tower


After obtaining the quest from the huddle of villagers, start heading towards the tower. You'll likely encounter a cyclops on the way, but you can run past him if you wish. When you reach the tower, climb up the stairs and step inside. As soon as you enter, you'll see a blue portal down the stairs below you. The way up is blocked by debris, so the only way forward is through the portal.


Objective: Explore the tower


When you regain control on the other side, you'll be face to face with a golem. You'll hear a voice tell you to leave. When you don't, the golem will attack.


Objective: Defeat the golem


Quen, heavy attacks and dodging will allow you to bring down the golem quickly. By now every player should be well versed in golem control (you must have fought at minimum three or four to reach this point).


Objective: Talk to the man trapped behind the magic barrier


Have a fairly long talk with the fellow behind the purple force field. I was really suspicious of this guy, but apparently he's legit. Listen to what you need to do to fix the problem.


Objective: Find the key to the library using your witcher senses


Approach the opposite force field and it will vanish, revealing a waterlogged corridor beyond. Swim through to reach the workroom. A few seconds after you step inside, you will be swarmed by enemies teleporting in. First off the bat is a group of three alghouls (igni, axii to retract spikes, necrophage oil), followed by a gargoyle (dimeritium bomb, elementa oil and quen sign), after that is a werewolf (moon dust bomb, devil's puffball bomb, cursed oil, and the igni sign). After those vicious assaults, you will be attacked by the most lethal enemy of all. A COW! Yeah, ignore the cow and pick up the key from the workbench in the corner.


Objective: Enter the library


Swim back to the fork in the hallway and take the other path. You'll need to be quick in finding the book here as the room fills up with noxious fumes. The book you want is on the far shelf in the middle beside a corpse on the ground.


Objective: Bring the mage "Gottfried's Omni-opening grimoire"


Retrace your steps (or splashes) to the trap and hand over the book.


Objective: Break the tower's defenses with the mage's help


Before following the mage into the control room of the tower, take the time to prepare. Heal up, replenish your potions, equip some dimeritium bombs and slather some elementa oil onto your silver sword. When you are ready, follow the mage inside. Shortly after the mage walks on to the platform in the middle of the room, a large earth elemental will appear and start to attack.


The danger during this fight (aside from the obvious earth elemental splattering) is that the floor of the room will occasionally spout electricity which deals significant damage to you if you walk into it. My advice is to stick close to the central area where the mage is while you battle the elemental, as the sparks only appear in the outer circle area.


Objective: Talk to the villagers


After the elemental is downed, you will obtain your reward and make your unceremonious exit. Back at the village, you will be offered a second reward which you can choose to take or not. Either way, the quest is over.


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