Story 02 - Imperial Audience


STORY 02 - Imperial Audience

Recommended Level: 2



Ah, it's time to meet the emperor and Geralt must be primped and permed. Er, maybe just a shave. We haven't got all day. After getting out of the bath (seems to be a lot of that in this game so far), you will have a shave and light interrogation from a Nifgaardian general at the same time. During the talks, you get the chance to respond to several questions regarding Geralt's exploits from past Witcher games.



Objective: Get dressed and talk to the chamberlain


After the questions are over and Geralt is clean shaven once more, you'll be able to choose some attire for your meeting with the emperor. Choose one of the three outfits by 'looting' it (yeah, I found it funny too). Go to your inventory screen and equip the new clothes before talking to the chamberlain.


You can choose a new outfit or forge ahead when you talk to him. The chamberlain will then instruct you how to perform a courtly bow in preperation for your audience. The correct response is: "Left leg forward, right hand on chest." Afterwards, it would appear that Geralt is ready to go.



Objective: Follow the chamberlain


The chamberlain will lead Geralt out of the room and down the hall to the emperor's study. You can choose to bow here or not when you meet, either way the ruler will make a comment and the conversation will roll on. You will be given an offer you can't refuse involving locating Ciri for the emperor (you cannot refuse, there is no ignore or screw you, your majesty dialogue option - a missed opportunity in my opinion. They really need to allow options that let the player be a jerk. But I suppose they must progress the story.) After accepting the emperors offer, you will leave the room.


The chamberlain will once again lead you around the castle towards where Yennefer is located. When he stops moving, follow the markers on the mini-map to meet up with her again.



Objective: Talk to Yennefer


You'll have yet another conversation before finally being allowed to leave the castle.


Objective: Retrieve your equipment from the chamberlain


Before leaving, talk to the chamberlain one more time to get Geralt's gear and finish this quest.



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