Story 03 - The Nilfgaardian Connection


STORY 03 - The Nilfgaardian Connection

Recommended Level: 5



Objective: Travel to Velen


Now you can leave the castle, head for the nearby doors and let yourself out. Use the world map (RS up and down switches between local and regional view) to find Velen and travel there.


Objective: Go to the inn at the crossroads


After a couple of scenes, you should regain control in the lovely province of velen (minus the tree of corpses), follow the mini-map trail towards the inn, it's a decent distance away so you may want to gallop along the roads instead of the usual canter. When you get to the inn, head inside and talk to the innkeeper at the bar inside.



Objective: Ask about the agent called Hendrik at the inn at the crossroads


After a few words between Geralt and the inkeeper, the inkeeper will get jumpy and prompt Geralt to leave. Both dialogue options keep Geralt there, so they make no difference. After the soldiers come into the inn, you'll get a timed dialogue option which affects how things play out here.


"Back off or die."
"I'm a witcher." (results in the soldiers backing down)
"Care for a drink?"


Either way, the innkeeper will lead you to a table at the back of the inn to continue the conversation.



Objective: Finish talking to the innkeep about the agent called Hendrik


Finish your little conversation with the innkeeper to continue on your merry way. To Heatherton.


Objective: Look for the agent called Hendrik in the village of Heatherton


Back in the saddle and follow the trail on the mini-map once more until you near the village. When you get close, you'll likely spot the unseasonal ice and small fires burning some of the buildings. Approach the center of town to find a villager fending off some rabid dogs.



Objective: Talk to the survivor and learn what happened in the village


He seems to be the only one around, so guess we better save him. The rabid dogs are just higher level versions of wild dogs. You can use beast oil to take advantage of their weakness or create some more thunderbolt potion to increase your damage to make the fight easier. Since there is only three of them, they shouldn't be to hard to take down, as you should be at level three at least by now.


Once the dogs are dead, have a chat with the survivor and watch what happened the night before. Seems the wild hunt paid a visit to the village. Things obviously didn't go well for the residents.



Objective: Find the agent called Hendrik


Hendrik can be found in a nearby hut, covered with blood, cuts and dead. When Geralt is examining his body, choose the option to "He hide something in his boots?" to find a key hidden inside them.


Objective: Search the agent's hut using your witcher senses


A very obvious pile of dirt on the floor nearby will glow red. Examine it to discover a trapdoor hidden underneath. Enter the hidden basement and pull the lit candle glowing with a red outline on the wall. When you do, a hidden chest will be revealed. Examine the document inside to find out what the agent knew. After reading the document, this quest is over and multiple new story quests are open to you.


Note: These can be attempted in any order, but have have been undertaken in this guide based on level requirement.


Hunting a Witch (recommended level: 5)
Bloody Baron (recommended level: 6)
Pyres of Novigrad (recommended level: 10)
Destination: Skelige (recommended level: 16)



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