Story 04 - Hunting A Witch


STORY 04 - Hunting A Witch

Recommended Level: 5



Objective: Find the witch on your own or ask the residents of Midcopse about her


From the basement of Hendrik's hut (or wherever you've wandered since), you'll need to travel to the village of Midcopse to begin searching for the witch. Follow the marked trail (or fast-travel there if you are near a signpost) until you arrive in town.


The cottage of the witch is fairly close to Midcopse village, and can be found by watching the video, but you won't have mini-map markers to do so unless you ask the villagers. If you wish to ask the townsfolk about the witch, you'll find an old lady sweeping the doorstep of her hut complaining the witch and her husband. Approach her and talk.



Objective: Talk to the peasant who visits the witch often


The husband who visits the witch can be found leaning against a fence around the right side of the hut from the old lady. Note: To find out what you need to know, you will either need 50 crowns or 1 level in Delusion (mind control) to use the Axii sign in dialogue successfully. Once you have either of these, talk to the peasant to get directions to the witch's location.


Objective: Find the pond by the village


Look for a pond about 70m from the village, if you asked the villagers you should have mini-map markers showing you the way.



Objective: Find the lone boulder


From the pond, walk onto the trail and follow it to the split ahead to find the lone bolder in the center of the intersection.


Objective: Find the abandoned cart


Take the path to the right from the direction you approached and ready your silver sword. As you enter the tree-line, five nekkers will emerge from the undergrowth and attack Geralt. Nekkers are quick, vicious opponents that are weak against northern wind bombs and ogroid oil if you have any on you. If not, remember to use the quen sign to prevent damage and try to deal with them one at a time to avoid taking excess damage.



Objective: Find the witch's hut


Once you've cleared the nekker ambush, loot the bodies and resume your trek to the nearby cottage. When you arrive, watch the peasants get answers to their problems and enter the cottage once the scene ends.


Objective: Talk to the witch in her hut


As you enter, you'll find the witch has vanished.



Objective: Search the hut using your witcher senses


As you move through the hut, pick up everything of value to add to your dragon's hoard of loot. In the room to the left of the entrance, you'll see the outline of a trapdoor on the floor with your witcher senses.


You can open it and clamber down for more to add to your loot pile, but the things we are interested in are next to the trapdoor on the ground floor. Examine the chalk pentagram against the nearby wall, and then the glowing red skull on the nearby shelf to reveal a portal in the wall.



Objective: Enter the portal in the witch's hut


After passing through the portal, you'll be standing in an area witch scattered snow hares running everywhere and a large structure in front of you. Climb the path to reach the upper levels to find it is a very elaborate bath and to find the witch Geralt is looking for.


A long scene will take over with you being given the option to accompany the witch into some elven ruins or prepare before doing so.



Note: Be warned, the next quest is fairly long and has several monster fights in it, so make sure to repair your silver sword and stock up before agreeing to follow Keira the witch.


When you accompany her inside, a new quest begins.


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