Story 07 - Bloody Baron


STORY 07 - Bloody Baron

Recommended Level: 6



Objective: Go to the baron's castle


The Baron can be found at Crow's Perch in the Northern area of Velen. Follow the mini-map to find it or use a fast-travel sign to arrive there if you have already visited the location.


Objective: Find the baron


Cross the rickety wooden bridge into the village at the base of the castle and follow the trail on the mini-map to wind your way through the village and up towards the castle itself. On the way a scene will trigger with some guards.



Objective: Follow the sergeant


The sergeant will begin to stride away across the courtyard. Follow him and listen to the conversation between Geralt and the sergeant as you make your way across. On the far side, a scene will take over and you'll meet the baron himself. What follows is a lengthy dialogue scene, followed by a flashback involving Ciri.


STORY SUBQUEST - Ciri's Story: The King of the Wolves

Recommended Level: 5


Objective: Follow the riverbed and find help


After watching Ciri endure more pain, you'll take control of her standing on a riverbed. Note the way the river runs away from you and begin to follow it downstream. A little way along, you will be atacked by a group of three wolves. You should have little problem making mincemeat of them with Ciri's melee attacks.



If you can, use this opportunity to practice using her blink skill A (Xbox) X (PS) as a dodge, as it will be handy in more demanding fights later in the subquest. If you get surrounded, blink away from the group and start swinging at whichever wolf is alone.


After dispatcing the small pack of wolves, Ciri will call to a nearby figure in a tree. The little girl is called Gretka and she will be your companion for the remainder of the subquest. During the dialogue, you'll find out what brought her here and which direction you need to travel.


Objective: Follow Gretka


Start moving down the trail with Gretka and you'll find another group of wolves.



Objective: Protect Gretka from the wolves


Despite the objective, you don't have to actively protect her during the fight. Simply kill the group of five wolves to "protect her."


Objective: Follow Gretka


After Gretka emerges from the undergrowth, resume your trek until another scene triggers. Examine the body in the scene and determine the cause of death to find out what you are dealing with.



Objective: Acquire dog tallow x1, acquire wolf's liver, x1, gather fool's parsley x2, gather wolfsbane x3


Now you've got a potion shopping list, return to the nearby group of dead wolves you killed (if you didn't already loot their corpses) and obtain the dog tallow and wolf's liver from them. You should also see several purple flowers in the same area (marked by a herb symbol on the map). Pick three of these to gather enough wolfsbane.


Return to the marker on the mini-map and head west to another small clearing with three more wolves to deal with. Once the wolves are dead, you can find a couple of tall plants with white flowers (marked by the herb symbol) in the same area. Pick them to gather the fool's parsley, your final ingredient.



Now that you have everything, watch the scene of Ciri making and applying the oil to her sword.


Objective: Follow Gretka


Now that you're prepared, follow Gretka once more. You'll pass the group of dead wolves you killed for the fool's parsley. Keep following Gretka until you arrive at the entrance to a cave. Once inside, another scene will begin showing you the dreaded 'wolf king' you've been hearing so much about.


Objective: Kill the werewolf


Don't worry, with the oil on your sword this guy is a pushover. Simply swipe away with your melee combos. Dodging away after the third strike to avoid a counterattack. Dodge one of his melee attacks and resume the beatdown. The werewolf will go down pretty fast. While his attacks can hurt a bit, he shouldn't connect often. Once the wolf king is dead, the sub-quest is over and we rejoin Geralt and the baron.



End sub-quest


As Geralt and the baron continue their conversation, you'll get a few dialogue choices. But you will have to agree to the baron's demands in order to find out more about what happened to Ciri, so there is no point trying to decline. Once the conversation ends, so to does this quest.


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