Story 10 - Novigrad Dreaming


STORY 10 - Novigrad Dreaming

Recommended Level: 7



Objective: Find the dreamer in the old house


When the quest starts, run through the streets of Novigrad until you get near the marked house. When you near it, you will be met by a man of the foot of the stairs outside, Once Geralt is finished talking to him enter the door to the house and work your way up to where Corrine is lying.


Objective: Search the attic


After finding Corrine comatose, with a non-human standing over her, Geralt will decide to check out the attic. Climb up the ladder to reach the top floor and use your witcher senses to locate the blocked door in this room. Use the aard sign to blast apart the cabinet and debris blocking your path. On the other side, next to the new hole you just created will be a drawing of a crib sitting on a chair. Cross the room and pick up the glowing doll on the bench as well.



Objective: Examine the drawing


Pull up your inventory screen and examine the drawing in your quest items panel.


Objective: Put the doll in the crib


You can find the crib through a door next to the bed where Corrine lays. Open the door, turn right and place the doll in the crib.



Objective: Find out why the door slammed shut


After interacting with the crib, you'll find the door behind Geralt shut with a new drawing on it. Grab the drawing off the door.


Objective: Examine the oven


The oven can be found in the basement of the house. Head down the stairs to the ground floor and then look for a trapdoor in the ground next to the base of the stairs. Open it up and descend into the small basement area. Directly in front of you as you descend the ladder is the oven from the drawing. Here you'll finally find the source of the strange events in the house. During the discussion, you can convince Sarah to release Corrine.


I know what you are
This is no game


Let's make a deal - Convinces Sarah to release Corrine
Guess I'll have to throw you out, then



Objective: Talk to the dreamer


Head back up to the second floor to finally meet a conscious Corrine.


Objective: Meet Corrine at the golden sturgeon


Leave the house to meet the fellow waiting outside once again.


House is still haunted. Can't seem to lift the curse. - Convince the man that the house is haunted
I know why the house is haunted - Betray Sarah



Now make your way across town to the golden sturgeon inn and head for the rooms on the upper floor to find Corrine. Corrine will ask you about Ciri, pick whichever response/s appeals to you before entering the dream. Geralt will see flashes of somebody he knows (and if you've played the earlier witcher games, you will too). After gaining this new lead in the search, the quest will end.


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