Story 11 - Broken Flowers


STORY 11 - Broken Flowers

Recommended Level:



Objective: Go to the Rosemary and Thyme


After seeing Dandelion in a vision, Geralt will now have to track him down. First step is to visit the Rosemary and Thyme inn. As you leave the in with dreamer Corrine inside, you'll be confronted by a group of drunks. You can pay them to go away, use the axii sign to convince them to leave (for some free experience) or force them to. Resume following the mini-map trail across the city until you reach the building with the marker in the center. The back door will be locked, but as you approach the front, an old friend will "open it" for you in a scene.


Objective: Help Zoltan chase off the tramps


Seems like the vagabonds didn't take kindly to being thrown out into the street, and have come back to voice their objections with their fists. You'll have to engage and take down all three men with your fists. Once they have lost all health, they will flee the building. Resume your rudely interrupted chat with Zoltan.



Objective: Search the ground floor for clues using your witcher senses


The object you need to find to move on is a book (with glowing lights coming from it) against the South wall of the inn on a rack of wine bottles. Pick it up to trigger another discussion with Zoltan.


Objective: Read Dandelion's planner


Go to the newly discovered planner in your inventory to read it. You'll want to ask about each of the ladies in turn before the conversation ends so you know what to expect from each.



Objective: Talk to Vespula


If you follow the preset order of the quest tracker, your first stop is Vespula. A washerwoman on the outskirts of the city (close to the Rosemary and Thyme). As you approach, you'll see a group of whoreson's men roughing her up because she hasn't paid her "protection" money. Step in to talk to the men:


(200) I'll pay what she owes - Costs 200 gold, but the thugs leave
Vespula's got new protection - Convinces the thugs to leave
Get outa here - Triggers fight with thugs


Choose the way in which you want to deal with whoreson's men. Afterwards, you'll get the chance to talk to Vespula. Listen to what she recalls about Dandelion and move on.



Objective: Talk to Elihal


Elihal can be found further along the bank from Vespula's residence. Walk into the hut to find the tailor waiting within. Well, didn't see that coming. Ask Elihal about Dandelion and leave the hut, pretty quick objective that one.


Objective: Talk to Molly


Ah, the complications set in. When you arrive at the mini-map marker for Molly (a wealthy looking house in the middle of the city), you'll be stopped by a group of guards at the entrance. As you talk to them, the baroness will arrive accompanied by General Moorvran Voorhis who we met earlier at the Emperor's palace. Despite the baroness' attempts to prevent you meeting Molly, the general will tell you where she can be found.


After doing so, he'll offer to show you the way to the villa where she will be. You can agree to accompany him (instantly fast-travel to the villa) or meet him there, finding your own way to the villa when you wish. Once you arrive at the villa, the general will challenge you to a horse race.



Select the mount you prefer (they are all similar, but I personally chose the grey to rub the general's face in it when I won). The race is fairly long, so you will want to use the old blocking trick (slow down in front of the general's horse while you regenerate stamina to keep him behind you). If you manage to beat him, you'll win the saddle he is so proud of.


After the race, you can finally talk to Molly (lady whatever her name is... screw it. The game says Molly over her head, so Molly it is) about the missiing Dandelion. Listen to her complaints about being wealthy and comfortable as well. Once you've heard everything, climb/ jump up to where the general is waiting at the top of the pavillion to fast-travel back to the city with him. After you part ways, it's on to finding the next lady on the list.



Objective: Talk to Marabella


Marabella is a school teacher currently teaching a class when you arrive at her location. Agree to wait outside (listening to the class talk is quite amusing) and she'll come and talk to Geralt shortly afterwards. Oh god, whatever you do don't ask her about her poetry. My brain cells, my precious brain cells are lost, never to return. She'll also give you some more information on the absent Dandelion. On to the final woman on the list.


Objective: Talk to Rosa var Attre


Ah, the lady who keeps beating fencing instructors. She is located in one of the well off buildings in the middle of town with guards waiting outside. Talk to the guard captain and tell him that you're the swordplay instructor the lady is waiting for. The captain will lead you through the house, letting you pick up a wooden practice blade along the way. When you arrive in the lower area of the house, you'll see the basement is a sparring area and Rosa will be waiting for you.



After some preparations, you'll be facing her in one on one combat. The battle is fairly simple if you are of an appropriate level. You can use counterattacks to throw her off and get a few swings in. Or simply just hammer her with quick light attacks, dodging away when she retaliates. After reducing her health by around a third, the fight will stop and you will get the chance to ask her about Dandelion. After finding out the last bit of information you need, Rosa will challenge you to a rematch.


This time, you'll need to drain three quarters of her health bar to defeat her. In all other respects though, the fight is the same. Use the same strategies as you did in the first round to best her once again.


Secondary quest becomes available: Fencing Lessons.



Have a chat with both sisters after your victory to fill in any missing gaps and then take your leave.


Objective: Consult with Zoltan


Now that you have the scoop on the missing Dandelion, return to the inn where Zoltan is waiting to put your heads together and find out who the "other woman" is.


Objective: Meet Zoltan in the Kingfisher Inn after sundown


Travel to the nearby inn and use meditation to change the time if it isn't in the evening already. Enter the front door to trigger a scene in which you finally meet Dandelion's love interest. After the performance, Priscilla will talk to you about Dandelion and tell you about two men who he was recently violently "acquainted" with. Looks like we have a new lead after all. This quest is over and a new one begins.



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