Story 12 - Get Junior


STORY 12 - Get Junior

Recommended Level: 12



Note: This quest and the story quest "Count Reuven's Treasure" are both given to you at the same time and can be completed in either order.


Objective: Go to the bathhouse and talk to Sigi Reuven


And across town we go to find the local bathhouse. When you reach the door to the place, a scene will trigger. After introducing yourself, you'll be let inside.


Objective: Get undressed and put your clothing in the dresser


Approach the nearby marker to vanish all of Geralt's clothing (except for a towel of course - heaven forbid modesty would be lost in this game).



Objective: Follow Happen


Now you can follow the eunuch to where his master and two other men of reputation are bickering in the back room. Oh and enjoy the sights on the way of course. When Geralt is introduced to the group, you'll find out that the crime bosses are arguing over taking out the fourth boss of the city. As they argue, armed men arrive in the bathouse and begin to attack. You know, like most days at the office.


Objective: Defeat the assassins


Well. looks like you'll be taking on a group of whoreson's men in a towel. Wow, way to upstage your enemies. Kicking an enemy's ass without any armour on would be sure to demoralize them if you left any alive. Unfortunately for them, you won't be. The three bosses will keep most of the thugs occupied if you let them, so you should be free to pick off lone enemies. The thugs don't do too much damage, so you could also just wade into the middle and start swinging.


After the battle, the bosses will go their separate ways, with Cleaver out for Whoreson's blood.


New sidequest unlocked: Gangs of Novigrad



Note: Gangs of Novigrad must be completed before finishing this story quest, or else it will be failed. It also pays out 300 gold and can help you against whoreson's men so I would advise you take the dwarf up on his offer,


Dijkstra (Count Reuven) will tell you what has been going on in the city with Whoreson and will also show you his empty treasure vault (see the story quest: Count Reuven's Treasure for a detailed breakdown of that quest). Leave the vault and you will have three new places to search for Whoreson.



Note: Now is the time to talk to Cleaver if you want to undertake the Gangs of Novigrad sidequest alongside this story quest


Objective: Find Whoreson Junior's hideout


I'll let you know the results of this objective fast. Dead end. Yeah, when you arrive Cleaver's forces have already combed the place from top to bottom. So unless you want some mediocre loot or want to check off every objective, you can safely skip this one.



Objective: Search Whoreson Junior's hideout using your witcher senses


If you do decide to visit his house, you'll find a few red highlighted items. Once you've found them all, Geralt will conclude that there is nothing of help to be found here.


Objective: Visit Whoreson Junior's arena


Ah, this is the path most players will go to find Whoreson. This path only requires that you can defeat enemies in battle (the other requires you to outplay two decent card-sharps in the Gwent card game), if the other path sounds more to your liking, you can leave for the casino to accomplish the same overall objective as in the arena. For those that don't like the Gwent card game or haven't improved their deck since obtaining it, approach the marker for the arena entrance. As there is a lot of fighting involved in this path, you will also want to ensure you are prepared (weapons repaired, potions full etc).


Note: If you are undertaking the Gangs of Novigrad sidequest you can skip the fight sequences in the arena and take on whoreson's thugs directly (which you do at the end of this chain of objectives if you follow the normal path). Simply talk to the dwarves and then rush into the arena, killing everything.



At the arena entrance, you will find two of Whoreson's men standing guard. Talk to them and you will be given these choices:


(100) I'll pay - pay 100 crowns to enter
Hear me out. You'll wanna let me in. - Use the axii sign to convince them to let you enter
Let me in or die - Triggers battle with the guards


Objective: Talk to Igor


Descend into the depths of the arena, until you reach a room with a man sitting on a chair lit by torches. Interact with Igor to try and convince him to hire you as a bodyguard. Whatever you choose, you'll need to 'prove your worth' to convice Igor that you are good enough to be a bodyguard.



Objective: Fight in the ring to prove you'd make a good bodyguard

Objective: Defeat your opponent


After talking to Igor, you'll immediately regain control in the ring as Igor announces your first opponent. You'll be facing several enemies in rapid succession here, so make sure not to burn through your resources too fast. Battle defensively and conserve your health when you can (taking advantage of counterattacks and rolling) as you will not get the chance to rest between bouts. Your first opponent will be a regular warrior. Use counterattacks and heavy strikes to get past his parrying to damage him.



Quen is useful for defense in this fight, while igni is handy for distraction. At the end of the round Geralt will spare his opponent. This spurs the warrior to fight on at Geralt's side as an ally for the rest of the matches (or at least until he takes a certain amount of damage and dies). Due to Geralt's kindness, a wave of dogs will be released into the arena. Use igni and light strikes to damage and bring them down quickly.


The second round sees you facing a pair of warriors (one with a sword, the other with a heavy axe). You'll want to try and bring down the axe wielder first as his heavy strikes are more of a threat. For those that want a laugh, you can use your new warrior ally to instantly kill the axe wielding enemy, leaving you free to take on the other. Use the same techniques as you did against the first round warrior to bring him down.


Objective: Survive the fight


Now the real fight begins, in the third round you will be face to face with a wyvern. Unlike the usual airborne wyverns, this one is unable to fly. However, in this enclosed space that isn't really much of a benifit to you. You can parry the wyvern's bite attacks with your sword. You can also roll out of the way of it's leaping lunges. The best strategy however is to allow it to concentrate on your ally warrior as you slash away at the wyvern with light attacks, rolling away when it turns to attack you.



Make sure you keep Quen active during the battle and back or roll away when the wyvern focuses on you, until it switches back to your ally. After enough flailing, the wyvern will finally fall. Huh, you believed Igor when he said three rounds? Yeah right.


An endroga and a warrior endroga will enter the ring to battle you now. These insect-like foes are quick, but the regular endroga should fall quickly to a few heavy strikes (using quen to prevent damage of course). Try to quickly defeat it so you can move on to the real threat, the warrior endroga. Warrior endroga's are tough to engage in melee as they use a tail whip attack to hit a large arc around them as a counterattack. The idea here is to use quen to absorb the counterattack while you get a couple of slashes in, then roll away and renew your quen sign. Repeat this process several times to emerge victorious.


Ugh, it's still not over? Boris is a large bear that will enter the ring after a large amount of cheering from the crowd. Despite the build-up, he's just a regular bear. Repeat the same hit and quen tactics that you've been using the rest of the time to bring Boris down too.


Finally after all that work, you'll lay eyes on Whoreson. Who obviously knows who you are and commands his men to kill you. Crap. Looks like we've got another round.



Objective: Kill Whoreson's thugs


Note: This is where you skip to if you are doing the Gangs of Novigrad sidequest


Here you'll need to take on Igor and around four other thugs in Whoreson's employ. Use quen for defense and igni for offense as you try and single out individual enemies and finish them off quickly with melee strikes. Igor's heavy axe is likely to be the biggest threat here, so try and stay away from him until he is the only enemy left to deal with.


Objective: Search the arena for information about Whoreson


Once the mob of enemies is dead, search Igor's body to find Igor's key. Now that you have it, follow the mini-map trail back to the upper levels of the arena (to where Igor was seated when you arrived). You will run into a few of Whoreson's henchman under attack from Cleaver's dwarfs on the way.


Feel free to give them a hand if you like or ignore them. Once you find Igor's throne room and the group of thugs battling within, help out Cleaver's men in clearing the room. Now that the room is clear, climb up to the dais and unlock the small chest on the table next to Igor's chair.



Objective: Read the document you found


Open up your inventory and give the new document a squiz to find out about the secret stash nearby.


Objective: Use your witcher senses to find a way to access the secret stash


Follow the mini-map trail once more back down into the depths of the arena until you are in the center of the search area. When you arrive, your witcher senses will highlight the outline of a secret door at the end of this passage, as well as outline a nearby torch in red. Pull the torch to open the door and access the secret stash and to find the mysterious letter within.


Objective: Read the mysterious letter


Open up your inventory yet again to take a look at the new letter.


Note: From this point, the Casino and Arena paths converge to continue the story quest. You can do both paths or just one before telling Dijkstra about Whoreson's Redanian ties.



Objective: Find Whoreson Junior's casino


This is the alternate path you can take to find information about Whoreson. Set the Casino as your active marker and follow the trail through the city until you near it,


Note: If you are undertaking the Gangs of Novigrad sidequest you can skip the gwent games in the casino and take on whoreson's thugs directly (which you do at the end of this chain of objectives if you follow the normal path). Simply talk to the dwarves and then rush into the casino, killing everything.


For those that aren't using the dwarfs to bypass everything, head down the steps to talk to the two thugs next to the entrance.


Make a deal - Talk them into letting you in
Going in, over your dead bodies, if necessary - Fight the thugs
(200) Here's my invite - Pay 200 gold to get inside
Think you'll let me in anyway - Use axii sign to get in free



Objective: Play cards with the casino guests


Whatever you choose, you should get inside. When you do, head up to the second floor where there will be three markers showing two people you can play gwent with and another that acts as a bouncer for the "high roller" types - invitation only. The idea here is to beat the other two card-sharps at gwent to get invited to the high stakes game. Having a decent (read: not base starting deck) will help your chances, but it is possible with the starter deck. Only difficult.


Objective: Defeat Whoreson Junior's thugs


Note: This is where you skip to if you are doing the Gangs of Novigrad sidequest


After you manage to beat both players, the "bouncer" will ask you to follow him to the high-stake tables upstairs. Accept, and you'll arrive on the top floor in the middle of an ambush. Great. The big danger here is the confined space (which can lead to Geralt being slughtered by rapid enemy attacks). As soon as the fight begins, use light swings as a knock-back while you try to bring down the two weaker thugs quickly before focusing on the "bouncer."



Objective: Talk to the tied up halfling at the casino


The halfling at the back of the room will give you the information you need when you talk to him. If you release him you will also trigger a sidequest:


Sidequest unlocked: Honor among thieves


You will of course need to fight your way back down the casino, through Whoreson's men, but take your time and engage them one at a time and you should be fine.


Note: From this point, the Casino and Arena paths converge to continue the story quest. You can do both paths or just one before telling Dijkstra about Whoreson's Redanian ties.



Objective: Talk to Dijkstra about Whoreson's ties to the Redanians


Retrace your steps to the bathhouse to talk to Dijstra about Whoreson's new loyalties.


Objective: Talk to Vernon Roche in the partisian camp


Fast-travel as close as you can to the camp and then wander over to the entrance, skipping merrily. Talk to the guard at the cave mouth to meet up with your insider contact.



Objective: Meet Roche by the bridge in Oxenfurt


Leave the cave and follow the new marker trail to meet up with Roche in town (you can race him there if you like - unofficially). Talk to him when you arrive to trigger another scene. Watch the scene with the King, say whatever you wish to finally get Whoreson's real location. Yay.


Sidquest unlocked: An Eye for an Eye


Note: If you have not completed the Gangs of Novigrad objectives by this point you will fail the sidequest.



Objective: Get inside Whoreson's hideout


Hop back on your horse and begin following the mini-map trail once again. When you arrive at the hideout, you will find a couple of Whoreson's thugs guarding the main gate.


Note: If you completed the Gangs of Novigrad sidequest, this will bite you in ass. Why? Because you were seen with Cleaver's men during one of the massacres you were part of. So the thugs will become hostile and you will fight your way through a large number of them to reach Whoreson on the top floor (around fifteen or twenty).


If you haven't done the Gangs of Novigrad quest, simply state you are here about the new women for Whoreson to be given info about the secret back entrance to the building. These guys arent very bright are they? Guy in full armour with two swords, eyes like a cat covered in blood and they assume he's bringing them women, even though none are in sight. Sigh.



Objective: Use the secret passage to reach Junior's hideout


Circle round the back of the building to where your mini-map points you to find a building with a ladder leading down to an underground path. At the far end of this path is a loosely bricked wall you can blast down with the aard sign (surprise bastards!).


Objective: Search Whoreson Junior's residence


In the room on the other side are four startled minions of Whoreson. Start laying into them with your melee weapons. If you start to get overwhelmed, you can retreat down the passageway you arrived from to single them out, making the fight easier. You will need to deal with another couple of small groups of guards on your way to the top floor.



Objective: Kill Whoreson Junior


When you get to the top floor, and find the hallway covered in blood, open the door here to finally come face to face with Whoreson. After a well deserved beatdown during a scene, Whoreson will begin to fill you in on what happened to Ciri.


STORY SUBQUEST: Ciri's Story: Visiting Junior

Recommended Level:


Objective: Get on the roof


Yet again you are in control of Ciri. Climb the ladder directly in front of you to reach the rooftops. Jumping up onto the ledges above to reach the topmost level.



Objective: Get on the balcony


From here, you can run along the tiles to the nearby marked balcony outside of Whoreson's hideout.


Objective: Enter through the window to Whoreson Junior's room


Approach the nearby window and head inside to trigger a scene.


Objective: Kill Whoreson Junior


Annnd betrayal. Obviously. Well, we know this objective won't be completed. Because otherwise Geralt wouldn't have chased him across the city and all the way to Oxenfurt. Whoreson does a lot of damage, so you'll need to fight defensively, Taking advantage of Ciri's special attack whenever her bar fills (blue bar underneath her health). Hold RT for a second or two and then release it to perform her special attack (a crappy version of Omnislash from Final Fantasy VII). Parry and counterattack while the bar is recharging or simply keep away from Whoreson until it replenishes to repeat the attack.



Objective: Escape from Whoreson Junior's hideout


Once you fully drain Whoreson's health, he will flee and call his guards. Gee, that was unexpected. Not. Rescue dudu from his imprisonment and then start clearing the hideout, floor by floor. The memory will end when Ciri steps out the front door.


End Subquest


When you are back watching Geralt and Whoreson talking, you will finally get the option to spare or kill Whoreson. Make your choice and afterwards the story quest concludes.



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