Story 14 - The Play's The Thing


STORY 14 - The Play's The Thing

Recommended Level: 11



Objective: Tell Priscilla what you've learned about Dudu


Depending on which story quest you finished last, you may have a detour to meet King Radovid to initiate a sidequest before you can meet Priscilla in the inn. Either way, afterwards follow the mini-map to the inn and inform her about what has happened to Dudu. Geralt and Priscilla will hatch a plan to lure Dudu out of hiding.


How? By performing a play involving a witcher saving a doppler from danger. Priscilla will begin writing the play, your choices during this scene will only affect the amount of money the play makes (of which you receive a percentage after the play is over), The overall amount is quite small (20 crowns or so), so it matters little.



Objective: Take the script to Irina Renarde


After the script has been penned, you will need to travel to where the actors/ actresses are rehearsing. At the entrance, you will need to buy a ticket from the man at the desk to gain entrance. Once you are inside, talk to Irina (standing directly in front of the stage). Enter her room at the back of the stage to fill her in about the plan. She will suggest you hire some ushers if the crowd gets rowdy and some jugglers to advertise the play. With these tasks lined up before you, leave the theatre and off you go, you producer (I'm gonna be a producer... with my name up in lights).


Note: You can perform one or both of the following objectives before putting on the play, doing only one will effect the play - no ushers means a tougher fight at the end of the quest, while not hiring the puffins will reduce the amount the play makes, thus reducing your cut.



Objective: Head to the docks to hire ushers for the play


Depending on your approach, this can either be a free recruitment, cheap or quite expensive. There are three methods for hiring the ushers. When you talk to the leader, he will offer to work for 70 gold, or you can challenge him (and his brother) to a fist fight. If you succeed in defeating both of them, they will work for you gratis (for free), whereas if you lose you will need to pay double the fee (140 gold) to hire them.


The fist fight is quite tough (although if you are a higher level than the quest and well equipped it is quite possible to win), you will not have access to rolls, potions or signs so you will need to be very skilled at dodging to avoid taking too much damage. Whichever path you choose, pay (or not) the fee and move on.



Objective: Recruit jugglers from the performing troupe called the Puffins


On the other side of town, you will find the dwelling place of the Puffins. Apparently they have been threatened by some holier-than-thou thugs for some comical lines about the eternal fire religion. Time to bust some skulls methinks.


Objective: Get rid of the thugs lurking outside the Puffin's house


Walk out the door of the Puffin's domicile and walk down the stairs in the alley outside to reach the thugs. Despite their appearance, they are far easier to deal with than the dock workers, you will be in for a fight against three thugs, but as soon as you deal sufficient damage or drop one of their health bars to zero, they will flee. When they do, the Puffins will thank you and begin letting folk know about the play for free.



Objective: Talk to Irena Renarde and start the play


Now that you've got everyone, return to the stage and talk to Irena. You will get the chance to cast the prince and princess for the play:


  • Priscilla or Irene? Irene results in a solid play, with no line problems.
  • Abelard or Maxim? Maxim arrives on stage drunk and messes up his lines, reducing the play's income.


Once the play begins, watch the scene progress. As it does, you will need to make a few choices on Geralt's lines, but aside from that it should play out fine by itself. Near the end, the thugs you chased away from the Puffins earlier will rouse some of the rabble in the seats into attacking the actors/actresses and stage.



Objective: Help Zoltan calm the angry mob


If you hired the ushers, you're on easy street here. They will distract nearly all of the attacking enemies, allowing you to move around and pick off the mob participants one by one. Use quen and igni for defense and offense. If you didn't hire the ushers, you and Zoltan will need to deal with most of the enemies yourself. Stick to usual group management tactics and try to use bottlenecks in the area to deal with one enemy at a time.


Objective: Talk to Dudu in Irina Renarde's room


Whatever happened after the play ends, the plan was a success. Chat to Dudu about what happened to Ciri and about how he can help with rescuing Dandelion. Afterwards, you will obtain your cut of the play's profits from Irina. Looks like another jobs done and the quest is complete.



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