Story 15 - A Poet Under Pressure


STORY 15 - A Poet Under Pressure

Recommended Level: 13



Objective: Meet Zoltan at the site of the ambush


Now that Dandelion is to be moved, you'll need to fast-travel to a ravine just outside of the city. When you arrive, you'll find Zoltan waiting on a bluff overlooking the road below. You'll have a bit of a chat with Zoltan about the plan before Priscilla arrives. When she stays, you can play a game of Gwent if you like to pass the time (winning doesn't net you anything though). Afterwards, Dandelion's escort will appear and things will get serious. A lone witch hunter will escape with Dandelion stretched over his saddle, time for a pursuit.



Objective: Use your witcher senses to pick up the trail


Mount Roach (horse) and ride to the nearby yellow circle before activating your witcher senses. Here you should be able to spot a trail of hoof-prints to follow. The trail will cross several fields until it vanishes at a camp nearby.


Objective: Ask if anyone from the camp has seen Dandelion's abductor


Talk to the peasant at  the back of the camp (the one striking the anvil with a hammer), to find out which way the hunter went. Hop back on your horse and resume the chase.



Objective: Explore the area in front of the hut in the woods


When you reach the hut that the trail leads to, you'll find the witch hunter's horse on the ground and two bickering halflings nearby. Apparently the witch hunter has holed up in their hut.


Objective: Enter the halfling's home via the secret passage


Walk through the woods to the back of the hut (following the mini-map trail) until you find a ladder leading down to a passage underneath the hut.



Objective: Free Dandelion


Simply walk through the passage and climb up the ladder at the other end to emerge inside the hut.


Objective: Defeat the witch hunter


A one on one battle against a human opponent. Use quen and counterattacks or heavy attack combos to get past his guard, bringing the hunter's health down quickly.



Objective: Untie Dandelion


After the hunter hits the floor, interact with Dandelion to free him and listen to his tale.


STORY SUBQUEST: Ciri's Story: Breakneck Speed

Recommended Level: 11


Objective: Flee towards Temple Isle


Ciri it appears is being chased by every damn guard in the city. Don't bother fighting them. Instead, use her dodge A button (Xbox) or X (PS) to race through the crowds of enemies as you follow the path on your mini-map. When you get close to the objective marker, stop and quickly slash through the small group of enemies blocking the door. Once they are gone, simply walk through the door to finish the subquest.



End Subquest


After Dandelion finishes his story, the quest is over and you have a bit more info on what happened to Ciri. Skellige awaits!



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