Story 16 - Destination: Skellige


STORY 16 - Destination: Skellige

Recommended Level: 16



Note: You will need 1000 crowns to depart for Skellige


Objective: Find a boat headed to Skellige


Ah finally, we're about to sail the open seas to reach a new location in the game. Head for the Novigrad docks where there are two markers on ships in the area. Depending on which captain you meet first (female or male), you will be directed to the captain of another ship who is drinking in a nearby inn.


Objective: Look for the ship's captain at the Golden Sturgeon


Enter the inn near the docks to find Captain Wolverstone drinking at the bar. While the fellow is obviously pretty far gone, he's still able to ask you for 1000 crowns for transport to Ard Skellige. When you have the money, hand it over to him to depart for the islands.



Objective: Defeat the pirates


After a quick scene of Geralt waking up, you'll be up and fully clothed on the ship's deck amongst a swarm of attacking pirates. There are many of them (around 10+), so you will need to be a high enough level to handle a group that size. Use your swallow potions, thunderbolt and quen sign to help ensure you emerge victorious from the battle. Try and deal with one pirate at a time as quick as you can, rolling away or counterattacking when they try to hit you in the back. Once the deck of your ship is clear, move across the ramp between the ships to finish off any remaining pirates.


Objective: Go to the port near Kaer Trolde


After talking to the local on the waterfront, mount your horse and begin riding for the capital of Aard Skellige (Kaer Trolde). Be a bit more wary of enemies you spot on the way in this new area as they may be quite a bit higher level than the previous location you were in. When you eventually reach the town, follow the mini-map trail down to the edge of the pier to trigger a cut-scene. During this scene, you'll get the chance to have a quick reunion and chat with Yennefer before this quest ends.



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