Story 17 - The King Is Dead - Long Live The King


STORY 17 - The King Is Dead - Long Live The King

Recommended Level: 16



Objective: Meet Yennefer at the entrance to Kaer Trolde's keep

Objective: Go to Yennefer's rooms and put on formal attire


If you wish to dress up to impress the lady, you will find her rooms in the local in of the town. Simply stop by the inn, loot the glowing chest in the back corner of her room for some fancy clothing and put them on before leaving for the keep. Make your way up the cliff trail overlooking the town when you are ready to head for the keep. At the portculis you will meet up with Yennefer in a quick scene.


Objective: Go with Yennefer to the wake inside Kaer Trolde


Trail after Yennefer through the entryway of the keep. When you reach the feasting hall, you will trigger a scene where you will sit at a table with the jarl's sons (and daughter). During the conversation with them, you will be challenged to a foot race against the jarl's daughter.



Objective: Beat Cerys to the top of the mountain


If you accept the challenge, it consists of a fairly long but simple footrace up the slope. You will need to climb several ledges and sprint along the yellow trail marked on your mini-map. When you reach a cave at the top, you are nearly at the end of the trail, so make sure you are in front by this point. At the end of the trail, interact with the axe in the stump to snatch victory. Whatever the outcome of the race, after it is over you will return to the feast.


Objective: Talk to Yennefer in private


Leave your seat and begin following Yennefer again. On the way to the marker on the mini-map, you'll encounter two bickering jarls and have to try and calm them down. After dealing with their temper tantrums, Yennefer will tell you what her real purpose for attending the wake is. Apparently she wants a powerful magic artifact held by the resident druid of the keep, Ermion. Ermion, sounds like a noise you make when you can't think of anything to say.



Objective: Go to Ermion's workshop.


Resume your shadowing of Yennefer once more, following her down stairs until you trigger a quick scene where you have to hide behind some curtains. After the guards pass, you can continue your way down into the lower levels of the keep until you trail ends at a window. Open the window to walk out onto a balcony and climb up to the balcony across from this one. Continue following after Yennefer when you are inside yet again to finally reach the outer rooms of the druid's workshop.


Objective: Explore the mysterious room using your witcher senses


Things to examine:


  • The animals in the room
  • The large bowl surrounded by lit candles
  • The wooden door leading out of this room (not the one you entered by)


When you try and open the door leading out, a scene will trigger.



Objective: Defeat the aggressive beasts


All the animals in Erimon's room will spring to life after you try and leave the room. Start slashing away at them when they attack. Desipite their visibly high level markers, they do piddling little amounts of damage, so just slash away at them to destroy them. After downing the last bear, you'll find out what caused this attack.


Objective: Find the mask of Uroboros in Ermion's workshop


After your "battle" is over, you'll finally reach the inner room of Ermion's workshop. There are several things to examine with your senses here:


  • Letter on cabinet next to entry door
  • Ermion's pipe on small table next to the fire
  • Pile of books in the center of the room
  • Glowing chalice of mead next to the bed (important)
  • Alchemical instruments opposite bed
  • Wooden horse to the right of the bed
  • Map on the back wall of the room
  • Glowing skull on a table
  • Erimon's staff leaning against a shelf in the middle of the room
  • Glowing cone opposite Erimon's staff
  • Sword in the stone next to Erimon's staff
  • Statue of a sitting man against the back wall with it's hand outstretched (important)


Once you are done investigating everything, approach the statue at the rear of the room and place the mead in it's hand to open the hidden doorway in the wall next to it.



Objective: Explore the secret chamber using your witcher senses


Walk down the stairs beyond the hidden door. As you enter the room, you'll get a quick glimpse of the floating green mask and a glowing enemy next to it before a scene triggers and you'll be thrown into battle against an earth elemental. This enemy is similar in nature to the guardian you fought way back in the story quest: Wandering in the dark. You'll want to use pretty much the same strategy here as you did then:


The good news here is that Yennefer will help you in this fight, continuously casting spells to disrupt the elemental's movements and attacks. The bad news is the elemental hits hard and has a pretty big health bar. The elemental, while slow, can hit hard if it connects. Use the Quen rune to protect yourself against damage while you fight this monster.


The elemental has several basic close range swings which are pretty easy to avoid with rolls. The main source of damage will likely be it's ground smash attack that hits an area around it. This will even connect if you are rolling away. Use quen and initiate your roll away from the elemental quicker to avoid taking damage from this attack.



When fighting the elemental, try to flank it and time your heavy strikes (light attacks do next to no damage) to coincide with Yennefer's spells so you hit when the elemental is still reeling from her attack. Doing this can allow you to get in a couple of heavy strikes safely before dodging away from the elemental's counterattack.


This time however, you should be a fair bit stronger and able to withstand more punishment in battle, so wearing down the elemental shouldn't take long.



Objective: Look for a way to escape the trap


After the battle, poisonous gas will begin seeping into the room. Don't worry though, after a little time passes, Yennefer will decide to teleport you both out of the room to safety. When she asks you to think of somewhere:


We're gonna choke and die -
Damn, I wanna kiss you Yen - Teleports you to Yennefer's room


Wouldn't mind watching - Leads to sex scene
We should get back to the wake


After the scenes, you'll return to the banquet hall to find the ceremony about to begin. Watch it play out and afterwards you'll finally get the chance to talk to Crach. You can ask him about what problems his children are facing for some sidequest details. But after the conversation, you'll be given the Ok to enter the area of the mysterious magical explosion to try and find traces of Ciri's whereabouts. After this, the quest is over.



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