Story 18 - Echoes of the Past


STORY 18 - Echoes of the Past

Recommended Level: 13



Objective: Meet Yennefer at the site of the Cataclysm


What's Warcraft's expansion got to do with this? Oh, wait. After traveling across the island to the site of the explosion, you'll arrive to find Yennefer in a heated argument with Erimon. When you approach the pair, you'll trigger a scene with Erimon who will berate you for thinking about using the mask. During this, Yennefer will sneak down into the valley below and use the mask's power (they keep good watch here don't they?).



Objective: Talk to Yennefer


Follow Erimon down the slope and when he stops moving, continue moving towards the marker on your mini-map. On the way, you'll likely run into a foglet (these enemies act like wraiths, vanishing and reappearing for a back attack behind Geralt). Use the yrden sign to make it visible and/ or use the quen sign to protect yourself against it's back attacks. Quick melee strikes will bring it down pretty fast. Get used to fighting this enemy type, as you will be facing a few more in this quest. After the foglet is no more, walk over to the marker and you will reunite with Yennefer.


Objective: Follow Yennefer

Objective: Use the mask of Uroboros


Yennefer will now lead you to several sites in turn. At each, you will need to use the mask to see past events involving Ciri and others or defeat enemies that appear. This repeats four or five times before a scene with Erimon triggers.



Objective: Look for a body


Next to where you are standing will be a large furrow in the ground leading to a fallen tree. Walk over to the tree and Yennefer will lift it off the body, allowing you to examine it. Once the scenes end, the quest will end. Short one wasn't it?


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