Story 19 - Missing Persons


STORY 19 - Missing Persons

Recommended Level: 15



Objective: Follow Yennefer to Lofoten


After the last story, you should be instantly teleported to the outskirts of Lofoten with Yennefer. Walk into the middle of the village, trailing behind Yennefer. Near the middle of the yellow circle on the mini-map, you should trigger a scene. Exhaust all of the dialogue that appears to find out about the missing man and where he was headed. Guess we've got to go to this garden to find him.



Objective: Find Freya's garden and look for Craven


Follow the marked mini-map trail out of the far gate of the village. The entrance to the garden isn't far away so there's no real need to call your horse. Jog towards the metal entry gate (a fast-travel marker should appear next to it). At the gate, you will trigger a cut-scene where you get to see Morkvarg, the creature trapped in the garden.


Sidequest unlocked: In wolf's clothing


After the scene ends it's on to the next story quest.


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