Story 26 - The Isle of Mists


STORY 26 - The Isle Of Mists

Recommended Level: 22



Objective: Travel to the Isle of Mists


Note: Beginning this story quest will fail several sidequests if you have not already completed them: Cabaret, Redania's most wanted, a deadly plot, fencing lessons and possibly more.


Note: Once you begin this story quest, you will be unable to leave the Isle of Mists until you have completed your tasks there. So make sure you are a minimum of level 22 and are well prepared before you begin.


When you begin this story quest, the objective marker will appear in a channel between islands to the West of Aard Skellige. Take a boat from the harbour on the west side of the island and set sail towards it (avoiding the groups of sirens that will randomly appear to block your path). When you get close to the marker, mists will begin to cover the water around your vessel and a warning will pop up on the screen advising you to save and make sure you are prepared before advancing.



Objective: Follow the firefly


When you're ready, Geralt will release the firefly he obtained from the elven sage, using it's light as a guide through the mists. Your way to the island will not be an easy one as you will encounter two or three groups of elehidna on the way which will attack your boat and Geralt. Use your crossbow or sword to kill them quickly before they can damage your craft too much. If you are observant and quick enough, you should be able to kill them off before they get close enough to attack. Do your best to avoid death and sinking and you will hopefully make it to the shores of the isle.


When you step off the boat, the firefly will begin to move inland away from the beach. Follow it down the dirt path, dealing with the enhanced foglets you encounter on the way (use quen and yrden signs to make these battles easier or necrophage oil). The firefly will wind its way up a hill and eventually enter a strange cabin.



Objective: Check what's in the hut


Step up to the entryway and rap smartly on the door to hear voices from within the hut. The voices within won't believe you aren't there to attack or trick them until you prove it by bringing back their missing fellows who have been scattered around the isle.


Note: You can search for the missing crew members in any order.


Objective: Look for Ivo in the cave


As you leave the hut and head towards the marker on the map, you'll likely run into a swarm of erynias (a relation of harpy enemies), use grapeshot bombs, hybrid oil or the aard sign to bring them down quickly with knockdowns and execution attacks. You can always run as well if the swarm gets too much, just be careful where you run to.


Travel along the rocky trail through the misty landscape until you arrive at the cave entrance where a pair of bilge hags are waiting to sling sludge at you. Use the northern wind bombs, necrophage oil or the quen and igni signs to make short work of them.


Once both monsters are dead, watch Ivo descend the rock face and move on to the next crew member on your list (yeah, there is no way to save him).



Objective: Look for Gaspard near the lighthouse


The lighthouse should be visible nearby (or just follow the marked trail). Run along the path to the top of the cliff where it stands and clamber up several ladders to find Gaspard asleep at the top level. Gaspard suffers from narcolepsy (as he will explain), meaning he will fall asleep at certain points. When he does, you need to approach him and talk to him to get him to wake up again. After telling him about the situation, he will agree to accompany you (well, at least he didn't fall off the lighthouse like the last guy).


Objective: Look for Ferenc along the coast


Climb all the way back down to the base of the lighthouse and follow the trail of the final crew member (dealing with more upgraded foglets on the way). At the end of the trail you will find Fennec's body, near a powerful enemy. Ignore it or engage it if you wish and then begin your trek back.



Objective: Bring Gaspard to the hut

Objective: Wake Gaspard up


The trip back (if you cleared the enemies as you went) should be relatively peaceful, except for the scripted foglet encounters and repeated wake up calls for Gaspard. Yeah, I was happy to get him back to the damn hut too so I didn't have to keep acting as his bloody alarm clock). Get him to the door to trigger a scene. Watch the events play out and shortly afterwards you will return to Kaer Morhen, where everyone (or next to no one if you haven't completed the ally story quests) will be waiting to greet you and Ciri. After the warm welcome, this quest is over and battle looms against the hunt once more.



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