Story 28 - Blood on the Battlefield


STORY 28 - Blood On The Battlefield

Recommended Level: 20



Objective: Talk to Avallac'h about what to do next


After watching the roaring flames for a bit, leave the fire and walk down the trail to find Yennefer, Triss and Avallac'h deep in discussion. Gotta say, at least they handled it better than CoD: Ghost's press X to pay respects scene. Talk to the group to hear their plans and watch Ciri storm off. After Ciri emerges from the keep later, you will get a timed dialogue choice:


Relax. You don't have to be good at everything -
Think I know what might lift your spirits - begin snowball fight



Objective: Don't let the snowballs hit you (8)

Objective: Defeat Ciri in a snowball fight (8)


You'll be armed with three snowballs to start with. To replenish your supply, use the small pile of snow in the middle of the area. You'll need to hit Ciri a total of eight times before she can hit you that many to claim victory here. Her aim is pretty bad and rolling around will make it even harder for her to hit you. Remember to lock onto her when she stops teleporting to use the automatic aim for your throws, as manual aim can take too long, letting her teleport again.


After the snowball fight, you'll be woken up by Ciri and get the chance to talk her into visiting her father (the emperor of Nilfgaard) or to just help her with her errand. Either way, at the end of the scene, you'll arrive at a village in the midst of celebrations as the quest ends.



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