Story 34 - Something Ends, Something Begins


STORY 34 - Something Ends, Something Begins

Recommended Level: 30



Objective: Follow the chamberlain


You'll be standing back in the palace. Walk after the chamberlain to your audience with the emperor. You'll have a brief chat with him before you leave the palace in a scene.


Objective: Go to the ruined fortress


Looks like Geralt still has some business to take care of, ride to the remains of the Nilfgaard outpost (where we got our griffin contract so long ago). Pick up the sword from the smith and leave.



Objective: Go to the inn


Fast-travel from the fortress to woesong bridge and enter the nearby inn to see the final scenes of the game play out and to see what endings your choices resulted in before the credits roll. Congratulations on finishing the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.



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