A Favor For A Friend
Recommended Level: 6
Location/ Obtained from: Returning to Keira Metz after completing sidequest - A towerful of mice



Objective: Find the ingredients from the missing transport using your witcher senses


When you arrive at the large yellow search area, you will likely run into a few drowners you will have to deal with before the area is clear for you to investigate. The key thing to look at is the wagon trail on the muddy path (which can be found next to the fast-travel sign). Follow them South along the muddy track to spot where they veer off the trail into the scrub.


At the end of the wagon trail, you'll find the remains of the wagon. Examine the puddle of blood next to it and follow it. You'll run into a rotfiend on the way that you'll need to dispatch before continuing. Continue following the trail until you reach the body of the unlucky merchant leaning against a nearby tree. Take the letter from his body and return to the remains of the wagon. Look underneath with your witcher senses to find a box which hold the items you are looking for.


Objective: Bring the ingredients to Keira

Objective: Race Keira to the meadow

Objective: Find Keira using your witcher senses


Fast travel back to the cottage and talk to Keira to trigger a long scene and spend a lovely evening with the sorceress (seriously, if you have trouble during this sequence, how did you get this far in the game?). In the morning, you'll have finished the quest and gotten a new one, the final one in this quest chain.


A Greedy God
Recommended Level: 7
Location/ Obtained from: Arguing peasants in ruins of building directly South of the Wastrel Manor signpost (SW of Crow's Perch)



Note: You require the Eye item that dispells illusions (obtained at the end of story quest 05 - Wandering in the dark) for this sidequest


Objective: Address the Allgod using the altar


After listening to the peasant's explanation, trundle over to the nearby altar to be rebuffed by the Allgod. Hmm, strangely good reception isn't it?


Objective: Find the Allgod using your witcher senses


After speaking to the Allgod, walk past the peasants behind the crumbling wall to see a rectangular area covered in broken rocks. Use the eye item to remove the illusion and reveal the steps leading down. At the bottom, you'll meet the Allgod, a corpulent demon who has been eating all the food left by the peasants. Anyone else reminded of Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers movies?


You can deal with the Allgod in a few ways, by talking him into accepting lesser offerings, threatening to attack him or just saying that you'll tell the peasants the truth about him. Resolve the situation the way you wish, take the loot strewn about the room and then leave the underground area.


Objective: Talk to the peasants


Return to the peasants and tell them you've talked to the Allgod. Here you can choose to tell them the truth or just let the Allgod continue on.


A Towerful Of Mice
Recommended Level: 6
Location/ Obtained from: After talking to Keira at the end of sidequest - An invitation from Keira Metz



Objective: Find a way to get to Fyke Isle


Now that you have the lamp, you'll need to head for the island. Examine the map of Velen to find the marker for the island, then look at the edges of the lake surrounding it for a boat icon. This is Keira's boat and you can use it to cross the water to the isle or simply swim across (or fast-travel there if you have already explored it).


Optional Objective: Use Keira's boat to reach Fyke Isle


Hop in the boat and sail it across the lake to the isle


Objective: Head towards the tower


Ahead of you, will be the stone tower. Cross the grounds and climb up the stairs to enter it, listening to Keira with your magic communicator.


Optional Objective: Use the magic lamp to find ghosts


As you explore the tower, you will find green distortions in the air that signify a spot you can use the magic lamp. Press RB to use the quest item and light up these spots to find out information on what happened in the tower and gain experience for each one you find.


Objective: Explore the tower


Despite the creepy atmosphere, there are no enemies here (just a ton of mice) so make your way up through the levels of the tower towards the top floors. Grab whatever loot you wish and examine the ghosts you wish until you get close to the top level. When you do, Keira will inform you of a laboratory at the top of the tower you will need to find.


Objective: Find the mage Alexander's laboratory


When you reach the top floor, you'll find it doesn't look much like a laboratory. Using your witcher senses on the floor, you will spot scrape marks on the ground showing a secret door. Pull both the nearby levers so they are facing down to open the secret door.


Objective: Use Keira's lamp to investigate Alexander's laboratory


In the corner of the hidden room, you'll find another distortion. Use your lamp to reveal the ghost waiting there to trigger a scene with the lady of the tower. During the discussion you will find out what happened to her and listen to her request for help. Observant players will have found the fresh corpse in the tower and already be suspicious of something being amiss, but the choice is yours.


Fine - Triggers option one path: Help Annabelle
Not sure I trust you - Triggers option two path: Fight Annabelle


OPTION ONE: Help Annabelle


Objective: Take Annabelle to Graham


Exit the tower and cross the lake to find Graham's hut on the shoreline. When you arrive, you'll find him unreceptive to guests but he will open the door when you speak. Watch the scene play out to hand over the bones.


Objective: Investigate what happened


A few steps away from the hut, you'll hear a horrified scream. Return to the hut to see Annabelle the pesta hovering over Graham's corpse before she vanishes. Turns out doing this only released her from the tower.


Option Results: This means Annabelle terrorizes the countryside causing illness and plague (cutscene only, no in-game impact).


Note: Option one rejoins the main sidequest thread after this point.


OPTION TWO: Fight Annabelle


If you take this path, you'll need to fight Annabelle a couple of times on your way out of the tower (you won't be able to kill her though, just force her to vanish).


Objective: Talk to Graham about Annabelle


Exit the tower and cross the lake to find Graham's hut on the shoreline. When you arrive, you'll find him unreceptive to guests but he will open the door when you speak. After hearing about what happened on the island, Geralt will convice Graham to return with him to the island to try and placate Annabelle's ghost.


Objective: Take Graham to Annabelle


Return to the tower, as you enter the lowest floor three wraiths will spawn in the room. Use quen to protect yourself from their back attacks and/ or yrden to force them to materialize. After slashing your way through. At the top of the tower, you'll be able to see the two lovers 'embrace,' and the curse will be lifted. Hell of a looker isn't she?


Option Results: Annabelle will be at rest and not haunt the tower any longer


Note: Option two rejoins the main sidequest thread here


Objective: Tell Keira you've lifted the curse on Fyke Isle


Fast-travel back to Keira's hut to give her the good news (or use the magic communicator) to conclude the sidequest, and obtain another one from her.


An Invitation From Keira Metz
Recommended Level: 6
Location/ Obtained from: After obtaining the magic lamp in sidequest - the magic lamp



When you arrive at Keira's hut, you'll find her using the magic lamp to converse with a spirit. Ask her about her request to begin. During the scene, she'll hand over the lamp and a magic communicator and ask you to investigate a nearby island. Yep, that's it for this quest.


Bitter Harvest
Recommended Level: 9
Location/ Obtained from: Albin (a scavenger) to the South of the border post sign (near the end of the connecting bridge)



Note: This sidequest can be done as part of the sidequest - Fake pass, or separately


Objective: See what the counterfeit pass seller's brother-in-law needs


Have a chat with the brother-in-law and he'll tell you about the ghoul problem he has whenever his men are scavenging the battlefields. After agreeing to help, you'll be tasked with guarding the scavengers.


Objective: Protect the scavengers from monsters


An area will appear on the mini-map for you to move to. Four or so waves of two or three ghouls will attack from the South edge of the circle (with a slightly higher level ghoul amongst the final wave). Use necrophage oil to increase your damage or just deal with them however you usually do (ghouls are typically very easy to deal with). Once the final ghoul is dead, return to the scavengers for them to finish up.


Objective: Talk to the scavenger's supervisor


Return to the supervisor to get your pay and complete the sidequest


Blood Ties
Recommended Level: 12
Location/ Obtained from: Nilfgaardian mother between house of respite signpost and Nilfgaardian army group center camp (far SE of Velen map)



Objective: Talk to the Quartermaster about the noblewoman's son


After hearing the mother's tale of woe, sprint off through the camp to find the Quartermaster's tent. After a few lines of dialogue, you can choose to pay for the information or to use the axii sign to force him to tell you about the missing soldier.


Objective: Find Hrodeberth's body using your witcher senses


Head North-West through the camp towards the new marker on the map. When you reach the marked area, you'll see the site of the soldiers catching up with the band of deserters. Have a look at the fallen horse and then follow the trail of footprints leading further into the scrub. At the end of the trail of footprints, you'll find several bodies hanging from poles. Examine the glowing one in the center to find the missing son.


Objective: Search the site for personal artifacts using your witcher senses


Just behind the son's body (seriously, I'm not typing that name out if I can avoid it), you should spot a book that has an unsent letter inside that you can take.


Objective: Return to the mother


Hop back on Roach and make tracks to the camp once again. Talk to the mother and tell her the true story about her son's death, showing her the letter to complete the sidequest.


Ciri's Room
Recommended Level: 5
Location/ Obtained from: Triggered automatically during the story quest - Bloody Baron when Geralt has to search the ladies' rooms



Objective: Examine the room where Ciri stayed using your witcher senses


Pick up the glowing top from the floor next to Ciri's bed, the stripped off clothing on the floor and the glowing book on the table.


Objective: Read the book entitled 'The natural obscurity of curses' from Ciri's room


Open your inventory and read the book in the quest items tab.


Objective: Go to the kitchen and talk to Gretka


Walk down the corridor to the kitchen and ask Gretka all the dialogue choices to complete the sidequest and find out about what Ciri was trying to do.


Defender Of The Faith
Recommended Level: 10
Location/ Obtained from: A peasant crying next to a fallen wooden idol between the Blackburg signpost and Crow's Perch



Objective: Fix all the damaged shrines (3)


After talking to the sobbing woman, agree to help her out and fix the shrines. You need to travel to each marked location and interact with the shrine to put it back in place. The final site you visit will have a group of four or five thugs who are responsible for knocking the shrines down. Go to town on them and the quest is complete.


Fake Papers
Recommended Level: N/A (not shown)
Location/ Obtained from: Shady merchant to the South-East of border post sign near the water's edge


Note: Completing the sidequest - Bitter Harvest and returning to the merchant allows you to buy a pass for 25 gold (or you can just pay 100 gold and buy it straight out), you can also do this sidequest even if you already have a pass from the Baron (obtained at the end of story quest 08 - family matters)



Talk to the fake pass seller to be offered one for 100 gold. Ask if there is another way and the seller will tell you about his brother-in-law who needs help with some monsters, saying that if you help him out you'll get a discount.


Objective: See what the counterfeit pass seller's brother-in-law wants

Objective: Return for the discounted pass


After completing the sidequest - Bitter Harvest, return to the pass seller to be offered one for 25 gold instead. Buy it to complete the sidequest.


Fists Of Fury: Velen
Recommended Level: 11
Location/ Obtained From: Noticeboard in Crow's Perch.



Objective: Defeat Fishgulper

Objective: Defeat Smithy

Objective: Defeat Jonah


Head to the area, and punch them all in the face. Countering works well here. And it helps if you're overlevelled. Fishgulper will ask you to take a fall for him. So if you decide to do this, bet only 1 crown.


Objective: Fight the sergeant for the Velen title


Beat him to earn the title. He has more health and will block more, so heavier attacks after a counter work well here.


For The Advancement Of Learning
Recommended Level: 8
Location/ Obtained from: After completing sidequest - A favor for a friend



Objective: Find out what Keira's doing in the tower on Fyke Isle


After Keira's suspicious vanishing act, Geralt will assume she went to Fyke Island to visit the tower. Fast travel back to the isle and approach the tower to trigger a scene. During the dialogue, you can determine the outcome for Keira: If she takes the notes as a bargaining chip or joins Geralt and the other witchers at Kaer Morhen.


Results: Convincing her to join you at Kaer Morhen and hand over the notes results in her falling in love (with someone else) and living happily.

Results: Failing to convince her to hand over the notes ... (Not yet completed).


Either way, afterwards the quest will end. This finishes off the quest chain. She should automatically depart for Kaer Morhen once the scene is over.


Forefather's Eve
Recommended Level: 7
Location/ Obtained from: Pellar outside Keira Metz's cottage after completing sidequest - A Towerful Of Mice



Note: This sidequest is fairly combat heavy, so make sure you are prepared (repaired weapons, potions stocked, etc) before you begin.


Objective: Meet the pellar in the stone circle on Fyke Isle at midnight


Well, you heard the objective. Fast-travel to Fyke isle, walk over to the stone circle area and meditate until midnight to get started. Watch the scenes play out as the pellar summons the spirits.


Objective: Protect the ritual's participants


A little after the ritual begins, three drowners and a water hag will come ashore from the South. Remember to use igni or quen signs to make the fight easier as you run about slashing at them with light attacks. More drowners will appear from the water during this fight, so be sure to finish them off quickly before you get overwhelmed. After the battle, watch the pellar successfully summon a spirit. And then witch hunters show up. Great.


Objective: Defeat the witch hunters


By now you should be well versed in dealing with human opponents (this isn't the witcher 2 where the human enemies have a variety of attack styles and appearances). Abuse counterattacks and the quen sign and take them on one at a time when you can, running away when they bunch up and attack you together (or casting igni on the cluster). After the fight, you'll be in for another battle, so get ready.


Objective: Defeat the wraiths


Yrden sign, quen sign and light attacks. single them out... yada yada yada. You get the idea by now.


Objective: Find the body of the pellar's father in the swamp using your witcher senses


Fast-travel to the orphans of Crookback Bog sign when you are ready (and are done harvesting the corpses for loot). Run off into the swamp, following the trail. When you get to the search area, you will find a few rotfiends guarding the place. Use some necrophage oil if you wish before cutting a bloody path through them (rolling to avoid their self destruct attacks). Once the area is clear, you'll find the father's body near the middle of the area.


Objective: Burn the pellar's father's body




Objective: Talk to the pellar


Travel back to the pellar's hut and tell him it's done, and so is the quest.


Funeral Pyres
Recommended Level: 3
Location/ Obtained from: Priest of the eternal fire a short distance directly West of Mulbrydale



Objective: Find and burn the bodies lying in pits on the battlefield (3)


After listening to your task, simply follow the trail to each of the pits in turn (dealing with any monsters), pour the oil on them and cast igni on the corpses. When you reach the final one you'll see a lone person under attack by ghouls. Give him a hand and he'll tell you an interesting story about the priest. Finish burning the last pile afterwards.


Objective: Return to the priest of the eternal fire


Tromp back to the priest and tell him about your encounter. Here you can agree to be bought off or to regretfully terminate his employment (either way you get paid - he has money on his body). Choose your preferred method and collect your coin to finish the quest.


Hazardous Goods
Recommended Level: N/A (not shown)
Location/ Obtained From: Man trapped under/ on cart being attacked by ghouls along the main path to the West from Lurtch



Objective: Help the trapped man


Simply put the low level ghouls surrounding the cart to the sword and convince the man to burn the bodies instead of using the cart again.


Objective: Help the man burn the bodies


Cast igni on the cart. Quest over.


Last Rites
Recommended Level: 9
Location/ Obtained From: Old woman at bridge to north of Blackbough



Objective: Find the old woman's husband's grave using your witcher senses


Run off into the woods. Near the centre is the grave. Witcher senses withh reveal it.


Objective: Place the ring on the grave


Yes. Do that.


Objective: Return to the old woman for a reward


Head back and have a chat. Quite the honest person Geralt looks, apparently.


Little Red
Recommended Level: 15
Location/ Obtained From: Group of arguing peasants next to the Yantra signpost (to the North-East of Novigrad)



Objective: Wait until dusk for Little Red's band to attack


After agreeing to help the townsfolk, meditate until dusk and then wait about thirty seconds for Little Red and her men to appear on the outskirts of town. Walk over and have a chat with her. You can choose to either help the peasants or to let her kill the man she's here for.


CHOICE ONE: Let her pass


She kills the guy and pays you double what the villagers do. Well, that was easy.


CHOICE TWO: Stop her


Objective: Defend the villagers


Take this path and you'll be staring down the barrel of several thugs and a very pissed off werewolf. You'll want to quickly dispose of the human targets before setting your sights on the werewolf. Use quen to absorb stray hits during the fight. As long as you have a swallow potion or two though, you should be fine. After the battle, collect your pay and loot the werewolf's body for a note telling you Little Red's side of the story.


Master Armorers
Recommended Level: 24
Location/ Obtained From: Fergus the blacksmith at Crow's Perch in Vellen

Note: This quest requires access to Skellige to complete, which is obtained from Story Quest 16 - Destination: Skellige.



Objective: Ask if Fergus is a master armorer.


During the dialogue, ask if he is a master level blacksmith, to hear the tale of the Blacksmiths of Undvik.


Objective: Get blacksmith's tools from Undvik


You will need to have unlocked Skellige to further this quest (see note above). Fast travel to Skellige, and head to the large triangular island, in the south-west of the map. Head into the cave. Once the troll is taken care of, look in a chest to the right of the fire for the tools.


Objective: Defeat the troll.


Trolls are vulnerable against Ogroid oil, and Quen sign. Axii also works well here. Stun him and give him some good whacks, then back off and repeat.


Objective: Bring the tools to Fergus.


Fast travel back to Crow's Perch in Velen and talk to Fergus.


Objective: Get gland acid from an archgriffin.


Fast travel to Heatherton and head east to find the marker. Search the area using your witcher senses, until you find claw prints that you can follow. They will lead you to the nest. Griffins are vulnerable against grapeshot bombs, hybrid oil, and Aard signs.


Objective: Take the gland acid to Yoana.


Head back and talk to Yoana. And then play dummy.


Objective: Wait one day while Yoana forges your armor.


Meditate for a day.


Objective: Collect your amor from Yoana.


Walk over and collect your armor.


Novigrad Hospitality
Recommended Level: 8
Location/ Obtained from: Poets/ troubadours talking at a campsite next to Yantra sign post (North East of Novigrad)



Objective: Track down the bards using your witcher senses and recover your equipment


After getting pissed and sleeping it off, you'll wake up half naked with your possessions missing. Simply follow the trail into the nearby village to find the bards who took your stuff. You'll get the choice on how to deal with them.


Race: The Great Erasmus Vegelbud Memorial Derby
Recommended Level: N/A (not shown)
Location/ Obtained from: Sidequest can be obtained during the Novigrad sidequest - Carnal Sins, or by finding the quest marker outside the Vegelbud estate (to the East of Novigrad)



Objective: Beat the first rider

Objective: Beat the second rider

Objective: Beat Luc Vegelbud


Win the three races to complete. Each race will give you a horse based item. Each race will increase the length of the track, with the third being the most complex and difficult. Once you win the final one, step down from the stands to receive a message.


Objective: Read the letter you received


Open the letter to find Cleaver wants a word. To Novigrad!


Objective: Talk to Cleaver about the letter


Fast travel to Heirarch Square in Novigrad and meet Cleaver in his hideout nearby to find out about the underground races. Agree to race to trigger the final event.


Objective: Be the first past the finish line


This is likely the most difficult race in the Velen events due to the narrow and winding track, alongside the fact you will be racing against two opponents. You will need to time your stamina regen canter sessions carefully to avoid them blasting past you. After a few attempts, you should win though. Cleaver will be quite happy with the outcome and pay you well as the quest ends. Oh, and you'll get the second best blinders for your horse.


Races: Crow's Perch
Recommended Level: N/A
Location/ Obtained From: Noticeboard in Crow's Perch



Objective: Go to the race's starting line.


Win the three races to complete. Each race will give you a horse based item. They are the lowest level, and you may already have better.


Return To Crookback Bog
Recommended Level: 9
Location/ Obtained from: Obtained automatically after completing story quest 08 - Family Matters



Objective: Meet the Baron in Downwarren


Fast-travel to the village (you should have already visited it during story quest 06 - ladies of the wood) to find the Baron and the head man deep in dispute.


Objective: Go with the Baron to the crone's huts in the bog


Watch the men rally around the Baron as he leads the charge into the bog. Along the path to the crone's home your little band will run into groups of drowners. You can either stay behind and watch the battle or wade in yourself if you wish. After finishing off the final group of drowners at the huts, the Baron will meet his daughter once again. Watch the men search the huts until they find the Baron's wife.


Objective: Prepare for a fight


Shortly afterwards you will be attacked by another large group of drowners and a water hag. Once again use the AI as distractions while you pick off the lone enemy on the edges until they are all dead. Once they are gone, get ready for the real fight to begin. A fiend will arrive to put the icing on your day.


Objective: Kill the fiend and the other monsters


The fiend is a highly damaging beast with a large health pool and a small regeneration effect slowly healing it (so you will need to deal with it quickly). The fiend has three basic attacks: A swipe with it's front claws, a headbutt to those in front of it and a charge if you are too far away. These attacks are easy to avoid (but seriously hurt if they connect) with dodges or rolls unless you are actively attacking.


Fiends are vulnerable to samum bombs, devil's puffball bombs and relict oil if you have it. Use quick hit and run attacks combined with quen to minimize the damage you take from lucky swings by the fiend. Eventually you should manage to drop it.


Objective: Visit Johnny to find out what happened to Anna


Off into the swamps we go again, lalala. Wander off, following the trail on your mini-map and deal with the two groups of drowners (and water hags) between you and Johnny's lair. When the coast is clear, call into the hole to Johnny.


Objective: Use your witcher senses to find Johnny


Footprints ouside the lair will lead you to where Johnny is hiding in the bushes. Have a little talk with him to find out what's going on.


Objective: Tell the others what happened to Anna


Return from whence you came and inform them of the bad news.


Objective: Find the door to the hidden room


Enter the crone's dwelling and look for a trapdoor in the floor on the right.


Objective: Enter the cave


Descend the ladder and approach the bench downstairs for a scene. When you are presented with the choice of dolls, the correct one is the one with the glowing flower. Take it and leave.


Note: If you released the spirit, Anna's curse will be fatal. If you did not, she will be taken away by the Baron.


Objective: Talk to the Baron


Return to Crow's Perch to see what resulted from your little excursion into the swamp.


Spooked Mare
Recommended Level: 12
Location/ Obtained from: Peasant outside his cottage a short distance to the East of Oxenfurt (North of Crossroads sign post)



Objective: Find the missing horse using your witcher senses


Agree to help the poor guy out. Examine the tracks leading away from the pen and follow them into the woods nearby. A little way in you'll find a group of elves who have taken the horses. You can either use axii, pay 100 gold or take on the group to get the horse back.


Objective: Lead the horse into the enclosure


If you listened to the earlier description of the horse, you would have heard it was a grey (in regular world known as white). Take the only grey/white horse back to the pen and ride it inside to collect your reward and finish the quest.


The Fall Of The House Of Reardon
Recommended Level: 6
Location/ Obtained From: Lindenvale Noticeboard



Objective: Ask Dolores about the monsters in her manor


Speak to the crying woman to hear her story.


Objective: Kill the monsters in the manor


Head to the manor in the east and a bit south. Kill the monsters there. And remember, she gave you permission to loot the place. Inside one of the houses, in a box in the corner is a key to the barn. The side barn door is locked, so use the key on this door. This room can be seen from the other part of the barn. Here there are two things to see with your witcher senses. The one on the ground is a chest with money in it. The loot part of the quest is not shown in the objectives. Once you kill all the wraiths, the quest will update.


Objective: Return to Dolores


Tell her of your victory and looting.


The Magic Lamp
Recommended Level: 6
Location/ Obtained from: Talking to Keira at the end of story quest 05 - wandering in the dark



Objective: Follow Keira


In the elven ruins (found in story quest 05 - Wandering in the dark) Keira will ask that you help her locate a magic lamp hidden nearby. Accompany her down the dark passage into a room with four stone statues lining the walls and a blocked doorway.


Objective: Search the room using your witcher senses


Examine the door between the statues to find an inscription:


The first to light his fire dared not march on the end
The second, by the first, played a woeful lament
The third kept close to his faithful beast
The fourth marched not beside the first, yet like the second, played a tune


The inscription is to help you figure out in which order the braziers in front of the statues should be lit. Just a hint for those trying to figure it out, the first statue shouldn't have an instrument or animal (as both instruments statues are mentioned later as well as the statue with an animal).


Objective: Light the braziers in the correct order


Note: Lighting the braziers in the wrong order will spawn a couple of wraiths that attack you each time.


The correct order to light the braziers in (looking towards the door) is: Close right of door, close left of door, far right of door, far left of door. When the final brazier is lit, the stone door will grind aside allowing you access to the laboratory.


Objective: Look for the lamp in the mage's laboratory using your witcher senses


Walk over to the stone slab covered in candles ahead of you to trigger a scene where Keira finds the lamp.


Note: After the scene, climb the ledges on the side of the room to find a place of power you can draw from for an ability point.


Objective: Find an exit leading to the surface


Leave via the way you came and take the door to the South to arrive at an illusory wall. Use your 'eye' to clear the path and exit the ruins. As you walk outside, Keira will thank you for your help and invite you to see her at her shack.


The Truth Is In The Stars
Recommended Level: N/A
Location/ Obtained From: Old Sage in Benek



Objective: Find the dragonsroot using your witcher senses


Head to the unguarded cave nearby and look around using your senses. Nearby the ghouls is a small amount next to the wall.


Objective: Take the dragonsroot to the fortune teller


Run back to the teller to hear your future.


The Volunteer
Recommended Level: 13
Location/ Obtained From: Oxenfurt noticeboard (Beware of Trolls), once you have access to the town.



Objective: Look around the area.


Head on over to the area and have a chat with the guy standing there. See if you can follow the conversation.


Objective: Find the paint the troll needs.


Travel back to the city and talk to the merchant. Buy some paint from him.


Objective: Deliver the paint to the troll.


Bring the paint back to the laughing troll. He gets really excited about it. Get Geralt to paint to see his awesome drawing skills.


Wild At Heart
Recommended Level: 7
Location/ Obtained From: Mulbrydale noticeboard



Objective: Talk to the hunter named Niellen.


Make the trek to where Niellen is waiting for you.


Objective: Ask the neighbors about Hanna.


Talk to all of the highlighted people in the village to try to find out what may have happened.


Objective: Search for signs of Hanna in the woods using your witcher senses.


Make your way into the forest. Here you will find a few wolves. Kill them to trigger a scene. Once done, look around at the clues using witcher senses. There is a body and some claw marks where the wolves were. Nearby next to a tree will be a corpse. Investigate.


Objective: Find the werewolf's lair using your witcher senses.


In the middle of the area is some blood and paw marks. Nearby is a small tuft of fur which will trigger a scent. Following the scent will lead to shredded clothes which will edge closer to a hut. Inside are some notes. Around the side of the house is a slope leading to the lair.


Objective: Search the werewolf's lair.


Get Geralt to knock the way he knows how. Aard.


Objective: Defeat the werewolf.


Kill the small wolves and take out the big guy. Sidestepping works well here. As well as Quen. Once you finish him off, you will have a scene and a choice.


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