White Orchard

SIDEQUESTS - White Orchard


A Frying Pan, Spick And Span
Recommended Level: N/A (not shown)
Location/ Obtained From: Old lady at door of cottage to the East of sawmill sign post and North-West of Woesong bridge sign on water's edge.



Objective: Break into the locked hut


After listening to the old lady's story, walk over to the front door of the cottage and blast it down with the aard sign.


Objective: Look around inside the hut for a frying pan using your witcher senses


In the second room, you'll find the body of the frypan borrower to examine and a silver monacle on the ground next to him to pick up.


Objective: Search the hut and use your witcher senses to determine what happened there


Pick up the burned papers in the back room (you can read them for some extra info) and the glowing frypan next to them. Problem solved.


Objective: Return the frying pan to the old woman


Leave the hut and hand over the pan. Job done and quest as well.


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