Additional Maps




Map Advice:


* The upper pathways in this map make for brilliant sniping positions

* The dark temple like structure (hardpoint B) is perfect for ambushes and planting arc mines for unwary pilots

* When playing hardpoint, hardpoint C is a great point to plant mines or place a titan inside the shack to shoot enemies due to the large open area outside

* Stay in cover as a pilot as titans can go nearly everywhere on this map

* You may want to invest in the cloak ability and power cell kit to cover the large open areas around the water

* Most of the aggressive battles tend to take place at hardpoint C (the large shack alone out in the water)






Map Advice:


* Taking control of the turrets is a great way of dealing additional damage to enemy titans and getting the occasional free kill. Just be careful when hacking them

* The zip-lines in the area let you get around quite quickly if you are willing to risk it.

* This is a great map for snipers to ply their craft on. The long lines of sight make this their playground.

* If you can take control of the rooftops next to the heavy turret, you will have a great swathe of the area under your gun sight.

* There are a lot of narrow alleys that you can wall run up to reach the upper areas here (bounce from one building to another to extend the wallrun).

* If you have a charge rifle, you can harass titans from pretty much any rooftop in this map as their movement is quite constricted by the map layout.






Map Advice:


* The hard point locations are quite open on this map and most can be accessed by titan, so if you want to clear one out you better bring your mech.

* The zip lines on this map are quite dangerous so you may want to avoid them altogether or at least be cloaked when you use them

* The large amounts of area that titans can access in this map can be troublesome for pilots.

* Due to the large amount of titan accessibility, make sure to pack your cloak ability and power cell to move around safely

* Avoid the northern area of the map once titans start dropping as that is where they tend to cluster to battle it out and pilots make squishy innocent bystanders (well, not really innocent)

* The lower areas and tunnels allow safer travel for pilots but be careful of other enemy pilots using them.






Map Advice:


* Titan versus titan (auto and piloted) match-ups tend to occur in the outer areas, especially in hard point matches.

* Use the buildings in between the long corridors to cross the middle areas of the map in relative safety (keeping an eye on the mini map of course).

* This is one of the best maps for snipers to play on due to the long narrow corridors of the map.

* Pilots can use hit and run tactics on enemy titans by jumping between corridors (over the seperating walls)

* The outer buildings can be a death trap for pilots when a titan wielding a triple threat fires into it

* Move out of the open areas as a pilot by running from small structure to structure, you should only need basic cloak to do so






Map Advice:


* Hard points are in small buildings mostly here that can easily be fortified with arc mines in clever places (I've personally killed many enemies by placing mines on the sides of a door frame)

* Teams of two are a good method of defending the hard points on this map as it allows anyone who is killed to make it back to the hard point without the point being captured.

* The dividing bridge in the center of the area is generally the biggest fire fight zone. So if you aren't ready for that. Avoid it.

* Titans tend to control the streets once they begin appearing, so pilots will want to stick to the huts and walkways to move about

* Snipers can cover half the map from the right vantage points (on each end), making pilots on rooftops cannon fodder.

* Stick together on this map to survive best as fire can come from many different directions on this map






Map Advice:


* Taking control of the turrets is a great way of dealing additional damage to enemy titans and getting the occasional free kill. Just be careful when hacking them

* The tops of the large buildings next to the turrets are great for sniping or barricading with arc mines to protect hard points and provide easy access to repair or hack turrets

* The open areas here are normally dotted with buildings, so you should only need regular cloak at most here to cover the open ground.

* Stay together in the towers if you can as this provides additional protection from enemy pilots and titans and gives you plenty of angles to shoot from

* This map favors titan combat rather heavily, due to the large open areas (titans can move nearly anywhere) and good lines of sight. They only really have to watch out for the turrets.

* Stick together to survive here as a pilot (as if I haven't stressed that enough already).



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