Mission 01: The Refueling Raid


Mission 01: The refueling raid

Map: Fracture

Game mode: Hardpoint domination


"Desperately low on fuel, the 1st Militia Fleet prepares to raid an IMC gas mining world."





*IMC - Retake control of your turrets Alpha, Bravo and Charlie by using the terminals underneath them.

*Militia - Hack into the turrets Alpha, Bravo and Charlie and prevent the IMC using their control terminals to regain control.





Graves and his forces will be attempting to destroy the militia's fleet before they can successfully refuel and pose a threat once more. Graves and the other IMC forces have established turrets in the area and your job is (as the IMC) to keep them operational or (as the Militia) to hack them and take them over for your forces.


Both sides will be racing for the hardpoints (turret terminals) so at the start of the match, picking one of the closer ones and defending it is a good idea for defensive players. For offensive players, choosing a good vantage point over a path to one of the terminals is a good way to go for racking up kills and helping the team at the same time.



Map Advice:


* The large open areas between buildings provide very little cover, so close range weapon and melee enthusiasts will need to run for buildings pronto upon spawning.


* There is a lot of open space on this map (great for titans and pilots who use long range weapons)


* The rooftops are perfect for snipers as they possess quite a lot of cover (cloak and cover are your friends)


* Get into a building straight away once titans start appearing as it is very easy to get trapped and killed by them in the open (rodeoing them in the open is particularly dangerous).


* The third turret (C) can be protected by having a titan inside the building with it, making it harder than most to take over.


* The rooftops above point C have holes in the wall that are great for shooting unsuspecting enemies below, trying to hack the turret.



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