Mission 02: The Colony


Mission 02: The colony

Map: Colony

Game mode: Attrition


"A battle between IMC and Militia forces at a remote colony forces a reclusive war hero out of hiding."





*IMC - Track down and destroy Militia personnel and equipment until they are forced to withdraw

*Militia - Maintain hold of your position by destroying IMC infantry and armour until they are forced to retreat.





Spyglass and Graves will send ground forces to determine if Militia forces are present on this previously uninhabited planet. The IMC will have additional specter forces deployed at the start of the mission. Your job (as the IMC) is to track down the arriving Militia forces and neutralize the threat as quickly and efficiently as possible. In opposition to that the Militia has to hold off and destroy the encroaching infantry forces and armour of the IMC.


Attrition is just as the name implies, a battle where reducing the enemies numbers and strength more than the other side results in victory. Grunts, specters, pilots and titans destroyed all count towards your team's total for these matches. So destroy any enemy units you can to win. There is no guarding involved here, so this game type is slightly skewed in the favour of aggressive players.


Fast paced run and gunning on the front lines is the recommended method for aggressive players. For defensive players, you may want to team up or follow other members of your team to quickly spot and take down opponents (two pairs of eyes are better than one... unless that one has the radar sweep ability).



Map Advice:


* The larger distances between structures means this map is more suited than most towards titans.

* The center area is where most forces converge on the map (titans and pilots alike) so if you are playing defensively, stay on the outskirts as a titan and attack the weakened enemies emerging from the center.

* The rooftops, although offering excellent line of sight for snipers provide little cover for them. Any pilot with a rifle on the ground should easily be able to spot and them off.

* Take advantage of your cloak ability when travelling between structures to stay alive.

* On this map any rifle will work well as it presents a nice balance of mid to long range shooting.

* For the aggressive players, stay near the central area of the map to rack up the kills and rodeo weakened titans from the nearby rooftops.



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