Mission 03: The Odyssey


Mission 03: The Odyssey

Map: Relic

Game mode: Attrition


"While the Militia seek MacAllan's expertise as a former IMC officer, the IMC deploy forces to prevent his escape."





*IMC - Track down and destroy Militia personnel and equipment until they are forced to withdraw

*Militia - Maintain hold of your position by destroying IMC infantry and armour until they are forced to retreat.





MacAllan is the number one target for the IMC forces, so the IMC forces must secure the extraction site where the Militia are gathering to escape with MacAllan. The Militia on the other hand must protect the extraction site for as long as they can in the hopes of getting MacCallan to safety. In practical terms however it is just a free for all in reducing the enemies numbers, whatever side you are on.


Due to the clustered buildings and lack of bottlenecks available, defensive players may want to use building windows or nooks in rooftops to pick off other pilots. Aggressive players will have a blast using close range weapons and melee in the tighter areas or inside their titan.



Map Advice:


* The large carrier interior provides many corners to hide in and fire from on the catwalks above.

* Stay in the outer areas as a titan to maintain line of sight and easily pick off any pilots emerging from the carrier exits.

* It is possible to head underneath the carrier to reach other points on the map (this can provide a safe alternative across).

* Use the outside structures as cover when battling other titans. The relatively long sight lines will give covered titans the advantage.

* You can also jump down from the catwalks in the carrier onto titans below to rodeo them while they are distracted.



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