Mission 04: Get Barker


Mission 04: Get Barker

Map: Angel City

Game mode: Attrition


"IMC forces scour the harbor district of Angel City in search of MacAllan, who is attempting to extract his old friend Barker from the area."





*IMC - Track down and destroy Militia personnel and equipment until they are forced to withdraw

*Militia - Maintain hold of your position by destroying IMC infantry and armour until they are forced to retreat.





MacAllan is once again the center of a battle as he tries to extract his friend Barker from the middle of a sudden war zone. IMC forces are trying to weaken and destroy the resisting Militia as they try to buy time for MacAllan. Both sides are engaging in fire fights all across Angel City as the clock ticks away for MacCallan.


Due to the perfect mix of cover and open streets, this map has something for every player. Rooftops with some light cover for snipers, Close quarters buildings for SMG and melee users and wide streets with buildings for cover when in control of a titan. As this is an attrition map, it is generally better to be more aggressive to rack up more points quickly then playing defense. Just don't try crossing the street when an enemy titan is running up it.



Map Advice:


* The heavy cover (large buildings) in this map provides good vantage points for snipers on the rooftops as well as practical cover for titans below.

* Stay inside the buildings (or on the rooftops) when you move as the streets quickly become a deadly crossfire.

* When in your titan, use the buildings like you would walls when playing halo or other older shooters and peek out to deal damage to enemy mechs (works great with charged weaponry).

* Rocket salvos are great here for flushing out (or just exploding) pesky pilots and AI enemies when in your titan as they are generally quite close when attacking (short lines of sight in this map).

* If you stay indoors, close range weapons and melee attacks work really well against pilots. Just don't try to engage that sniper on the rooftop next to you until you are close.



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