Mission 05: Assault On The Sentinel


Mission 05: Assault on the Sentinel

Map: Outpost 207

Game mode: Attrition


"The IMC defends their dry docked flagship, the IMS Sentinel, against a Militia surgical strike."





*IMC - Track down and destroy Militia personnel and equipment until they are forced to withdraw

*Militia - Maintain hold of your position by destroying IMC infantry and armour until they are forced to retreat.





For once the tables are turned as the IMC fights to protect their flagship, while the Militia tries to destroy it. The Militia inflicted critical damage on the ship in the previous battle of Angel City and now both sides are engaged in a bloody struggle across the station, fighting for control of it's massive turret and to reduce the enemy numbers. Graves wants to keep that ship safe at all costs.


The map itself is very open on the lower levels. This is great when you are in a titan, not so much as a pilot. The massive turret that takes up a large chunk of the skyscape can be taken over by hacking the terminal below. Stick to the rooftops when a pilot to avoid being quickly killed off by the titans below.



Map Advice:


* The map is very open to titans, as a result pilots need to stay up high and out of the way to survive. This also lets you drop down from above and rodeo them if you feel confident.

* Despite the relatively small size of the map, it is very well set up for titans to move through. This creates the potential for massive battles between opposing titan teams as the match progresses.

* If you plan on crossing the open areas on foot, it might be wise to equip the power cell tier on kit that allows faster recharge of your tactical ability (cloak).

* Due to the general cluster on the rooftops, you may also want to bring a rifle or sniper rifle with you to pick of anyone in your sights.

* The lone turret on this map can be taken control of, and for those that like quick kills with short range weapons in succession, heading here will help add to your kill score as people fight to hack it.



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