Mission 06: Here Be Dragons


Mission 06: Here be dragons

Map: Boneyard

Game mode: Hardpoint domination


"The IMC race to stop the Militia from acquiring intel about the IMC's wildlife repulsor technology."





*IMC - Retake control of your turrets Alpha, Bravo and Charlie by using the terminals underneath them.

*Militia - Hack into the turrets Alpha, Bravo and Charlie and prevent the IMC using their control terminals to regain control.





You are headed for a hostile planet to prevent the Militia from obtaining the information concerning the repulsor fields used in the towers that keep the gigantic local wildlife at bay. At least they did... Large flying dragons will soar overhead and actively seek out AI minions as prey below. The atmosphere is barely breathable and to top it all, both sides once again arrive at the same time and re-commence the battle.


Multiple turrets on the map are available to be taken over via hacking the terminals below. The open areas of this map can be dangerous. Staying in the buildings and using the windows and catwalks to take potshots from will serve you well when you aren't capturing and protecting the tower's terminal access points from the enemy as the IMC. Or infiltrating and accessing the information from the IMC databanks as the Militia.



Map Advice:


* You can shoot the flying creatures for additional XP

* There are turrets you can take control of here to swing the tide in your favour, or you could just camp nearby and take out anyone trying to hack them (or just place a satchel charge).

* Most of the fighting in the map (for pilots) will occur in the large central structure. Make sure to have your back to the wall as you explore here, otherwise you will be able to see your back.

* There are a few ziplines that allow quick movement between sections of the map. Hop on to grab hold and press B to dismount.

* Take control of the hill (and the turret on top) if possible as it is one of the best defensive positions in the map.

* Defense works very well here as most of the terminal locations have good cover nearby for sneaky pilots.



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