Mission 07: The Three Towers


Mission 07: The three towers

Map: Airbase

Game mode: Attrition


"The Militia forces attack an IMC airbase, to prevent the fleet there from reinforcing the defenses at Demeter."





*IMC - Maintain hold of your position by destroying Militia infantry and armour until they are forced to retreat.

*Militia - Track down and destroy IMC personnel and equipment until they are forced to withdraw





The entire Militia fleet is holding back just out of range of the IMC forces. They are nearing a larger IMC force on a nearby moon and seem to be preparing to engage them. After the Militia's recent movements it seems they may use their knowledge of the repulsor fields from the previous battle in this upcoming fight. If they disable the fields protecting the base, things will go badly with the local wildlife for those in that base.


Both sides will be continuing the culling of the enemy numbers in this assault as both forces seek to overwhelm the other while protecting or attacking the towers protecting the base. With it's large open outer areas, the map is perfectly suited for a mix of titan combat outside and close quarters battles inside the hangar. There is also a titan for both sides to fight for control of. It is also possible for titans to use the upper areas to ambush titans on the lower floor.



Map Advice:


* A lone turret occupies this map but overlooks a large portion of the rooftops. So it can be worth fighting to take over.

* Several sections of the map allow titans to reach higher levels and then ambush titans walking below. Investigate these and use them to your advantage when playing as a titan.

* A large central hangar provides duck and shoot opportunities for pilots and a chance to pop out with anti-titan weaponry.

* Stay away from the internal areas as a titan if you are playing defensively and skirt the outer areas to pick off lone enemies.

* Aggressive players will want to remain closer to the central hangar as you can get a lot of close range and melee kills here.

* Snipers can climb to the upper-most internal levels of the buildings and pick off enemies duking it out below quite easily.



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