Mission 08: The Battle of Demeter


Mission 08: The battle of Demeter

Map: Demeter

Game mode: Hardpoint domination


"The Militia forces attempt to shut down Demeter - the key refueling world that allows travel between the IMC's Core Systems and the Frontier."





*IMC - Prevent the Militia forces from using the three main access terminals to overload the reactor core.

*Militia - Infiltrate the facility and hack the control terminals to cause an overload of the reactor core.





The key moments in the conflict between the IMC and the Militia will occur here. With the IMC on the back foot, defending the jump gate that connects the Core Systems with the frontier. They hope to hold it long enough for reinforcements to arrive and crush the opposition. The Militia meanwhile are racing hell for leather to destroy the gate and cut off the IMC from their resources and support. Both sides are about to enter once of the bloodiest conflicts the frontier has seen yet.


Three control points are spread across the map that control the power to the depot's reactor core. Both sides will fight for control over these points. The Militia will try to overload it, the IMC will try to keep them from achieving that. The large outer areas of the map provide ample space for titans and the primary reactor core structure will be where most of the fighting in the map takes place due to the multiple levels and catwalks inside.



Map Advice:


* This large and open map is great for titans, not so much for pilots trying to cross the expanses.

* There is a large central complex for pilot combat, that provides a lot of places to hide and play defensively from the corners.

* Large fuel pipes run up to the primary reactor and can be clambered up by skilled pilots to attack unsuspecting enemies.

* Snipers can use the rooftops and upper catwalks between buildings to take out multiple enemies in quick succession.

* As a titan, stick to the outer areas to catch pilots crossing between structures.

* Playing defensively on the terminal points works quite well here. Taking control of the turrets will also help if you can do that as well.



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