Mission 09: Made Men


Mission 09: Made men

Map: Corporate

Game mode: Hardpoint domination


"Under new leadership, the Militia take the fight to the IMC, striking at their robotics production facilities."





*IMC - Fight to regain and keep control of the terminals for the specter production lines.

*Militia - Take control and defend the key terminal locations to use the specters to wipe out the IMC forces.





The final battle of the campaign and Graves has fled in the aftermath of the Battle of Demeter with facility locations for IMC specter production and is trying to meet up with the Militia. The IMC's new vice-admiral Spyglass is rallying his troops in a last ditch attempt to maintain control of the specter production facilities that compose the majority of his forces. These allow him to defend the construction site of a new gateway that will allow access to the frontier once more. The Militia on the other hand, want to prevent this from happening and make sure that the threat of the IMC is destroyed forever.


The production facilities are what both sides are fighting for as once they are under the control of a side, all the specters on the production lines will activate and attack the opposition. The control terminals for this are spread across the map and need to be defended by the IMC and taken over by the Militia. The map itself contains several office complexes, with open areas surrounding them for titans to play in. Due to the relatively open nature of the map, pilots should stay inside to avoid titan trouble.



Map Advice:


* The layout of the map and lines of sight available heavily favour pilot combat here. There is ample opportunity to poke your head out of the buildings and fire at the titans ambling past.

* Titans can also go inside several of the buildings and create chaos within. These are also great as cover from titans outside.

* If you do summon a titan here, you may want to set it to guard or follow as they tend to get destroyed quite quickly by anti-titan weaponry.

* The sky bridges are great locations to set up ambushes and also to bottleneck attacking groups of pilots.

* Place satchel charges on both ends of a tunnel to get a free kill when someone tries to take point A

* You can also use the actual terminals as cover from bullets and then fire away at attackers.


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