Pilot - Anti-titan Weapons



Weapon Advice:


* Due to lock on abilities can be used at quite long range

* Large damage per shot but slow reload time

* Can be seen by titans via projectile alert warning (can be blocked by vortex shield)

* Easy to fire and hide (cloak, lock on and fire then hide before the titan can return fire)

* Easy to aim (auto lock on capabilities)


Overall: A good anti-titan weapon to start with as lock ons are easy to obtain. It is also great for a single cloaked shot and then retreating. Works well when used with an auto-titan on follow mode as both of you can be attacking an enemy titan at once. The lock on time can be an issue however and titan pilots who notice the projectile warning with reflector shields can catch the missile and send it back to you. A great beginner anti-titan weapon.





Weapon Advice:


* The sidewinder's lack of precision makes it less useful at longer ranges

* Can provide quick damage when close to targets (as there is no lock on time)

* Longer time between reloads than the archer can give more damage potential in the long run but more danger

* The shots can be collected and returned with a titan's vortex shield, meaning backfires can be extremely lethal


Overall: Not as useful as the archer heavy rocket generally, but some players may find the lack of a lock on delay suits their play style better.



MAG LAUNCHER (unlocks at level 22)


Weapon Advice:


* Homing attacks make this a great weapon for close to long range

* You can fire off more shots than the archer (due to the quick firing speed) for more total damage per fire and cover routine.

* The shots can be arced up or rolled along the ground to provide different angles of approach.

* Good for less experienced shooter players due to the homing ability.


Overall: A worthy upgrade from the archer rocket due to it's higher total damage potential. Consider swapping to this once it becomes available. Plus, it's funny watching the grenades roll down the street after an enemy titan.



CHARGE RIFLE (unlocks at level 33)


Weapon Advice:


* Mid to long range weapon

* High damage output per shot

* Reasonably long charge time

* Can be difficult to juggle with cloaking


Overall: Definitely the most damaging and generally useful anti-titan weapon available. Some people may prefer others because of the charge duration. But those that can master it can take down titans far easier than with any other weapon. Plus it isn't stopped by the vortex shield.



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