Pilot - Ordnance



Ordnance Advice:


* The grenade has a quite large splash area and is great for clearing rooms that you suspect enemy pilots are holed up in.

* They can be used to destroy enemy equipment (eg: Arc mines or satchel charges)

* The cooking (countdown) timer seems slightly shorted than other shooter games so make sure to toss the grenade a little earlier.

* They can easily kill a pilot caught in the blast and even do damage to titans.


Overall: The frag grenade is a very useful piece of kit to have on hand, especially if you take the time to practice with them and improve your aim. You may want to swap them out later for satchel charges or arc mines when they become available if you are playing protect the location game modes.






Ordnance Advice:


* Inflict far less damage than frag grenades

* Distorts enemy pilots and titan's vision

* Good for ambushing enemies or as a replacement for cloak when covering ground watched by a titan

* Can kill weakened enemies but generally is not lethal


Overall: Useful for ambushes or running away, the arc grenade is generally more useful for obscuring enemy vision and then running or moving to a better position while cloaked. Can be useful as an additional cloak against titans (or when rodeoing them).





Ordnance Advice:


* Sticks to a surface and can be detonated by double tapping the X button.

* Combined with dead man's switch it can be an effective martydom attack.

* Can be used like a grenade that you don't need to cook (throw and detonate)

* More situational than frag grenades, they do more damage than arc grenades though.


Overall: With practice, these can be a devastating alternative to the frag grenade (even if you miss and the enemy shoots you the dead man's switch may trigger and kill them). Not generally as useful as frag grenades or arc mines but can be worth using for the right player.





Ordnance Advice:


* These are handy for defending a location or ambushing and killing enemy pilots.

* They can be placed next to an objective or in commonly passed locations and stick to most surfaces.

* The explosion can even kill pilots walking over them (depending on health and amount of mines placed)

* A good friend for any sniper to prevent back attacks.


Overall: Arc mines and frag grenades are two of the more useful ordnance items, select the one you need based on the game type you are playing and/ or your play style.



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