Pilot - Tactical Ability



Ability Advice:


* This ability will save your life repeatedly when dealing with titans and suprisingly often with enemy pilots

* The recharge time can be reduced by taking the power cell tier 1 kit

* This ability should be used as often as possible as you never know when an enemy pilot will run past without spotting you

* The cloak ability does not hide your jump jets, but if you take the stealth kit tier 1 kit it will muffle your footsteps and obscure your jets making you practically invisible


Overall: One of the best tactical abilities to take, especially when crossing open areas or attempting to rodeo titans. Just really handy all the time.



STIM (unlocks at level 8)


Ability Advice:


* Improves health regeneration and movement speed

* Combined with the prosthetic legs burn card you can become truly terrifyingly fast

* Useful for engaing pilots one on one

* Can allow you to cover small spaces between building in a safer manner


Overall: Probably the least useful ability to have unless you are going toe to toe with an uncloaked pilot. The health regen and movement speed are useful for engaing other pilots but the lack of cloaking means you are vulnerable to range specialists and titans (although titans can be mitigated with arc grenades).



ACTIVE RADAR PULSE (unlocks at level 19)


Ability Advice:


* Acts like detective vision from the recent string of batman games, the pulse highlights enemy threats in orange.

* Allows ambushes and stealth takedowns

* The radar pulse only travels a certain distance so longer ranged enemies can easily kill you without you spotting them

* Obsures your vision slightly (tints everything dark blue) so it makes it a little more difficult to navigate the terrain.


Overall: For stealth operatives or aggressive players, this perk can work well if you don't want to use cloak (or if you want to combine cloak and radar with burn cards). Not really useful for long range players but run and gun players could rack up monsterous kill streaks if they use it correctly.



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