Pilot - Tier 1 Kit



Kit Advice:


* The increased wall-hang potential of this kit works magnificently combined with sneaky ambush tactics (cling to an upper wall and shoot enemies as they enter the room below).

* The increased wall-run distance isn't as useful but it can get you to good vantage points or evacuation points easier

* Snipers will find the increased maneuverability useful

* Useful default perk if you don't want to use any of the others.


Overall: A handy (if somewhat underrated) kit to take, can make life easier in several little way but not dramatically like some other kits can. If you don't want or need one of the other kits, this is a good one to have on.





Kit Advice:


* More boom = more fun

* Aggressive players will enjoy the extra lethal grenades, while defensive players will like having more satchel charges and arc mines

* Snipers will have that "little extra" that enemy pilots won't expect

* Handy for anyone who uses ordnance weapons a lot


Overall: If you ignore ordnance weapons or want to enhance your cloaking ability you can safely ignore this perk. If you do use ordnance weapons a lot, this should be an essential selection.





Kit Advice:


* For players who want to be cloaked as often as possible.

* Unfortunately you cannot take this perk and the stealth kit

* Combine this with cloak and a smart pistol or ambush tactics and you should easily be able to sprint around constantly, slaying pilots and ai enemies left and right

* Can also be used to enhance other tactical abilities such as stim to give you more health in long engagements with enemy pilots (or just more often)


Overall: One of the best (if occasionally situational) kits in the early game to take. Players who use cloak extensively should definitely take this. For most others, it is optional but useful.



RUN N GUN KIT (unlocked at level 36)


Kit Advice:


* Allows you to fire sidearms and SMG weapons while sprinting

* Only really useful if you are a run and gun aggressive player

* Don't bother combining it with the C.A.R SMG as the C.A.R has a similar ability as a mod


Overall: Most run and gun players use the C.A.R SMG that has this available as a mod, allowing you to keep your tier 1 kit open. If you must take it, combine it with the B3 wingman and another SMG to get the most out of it.



QUICK RELOAD KIT (unlocked at level 42)


Kit Advice:


* Rapidly reloads your weapons

* Great for players who use shotguns or other slow to reload weapons

* Works very well in run and gun play

* Not really useful for defensive players


Overall: If it matches your play style, this is a very valid option in higher level play due to the rapidity of combatant appearances. Defensive players on the whole will probably want to avoid this kit.



STEALTH KIT (unlocked at level 48)


Kit Advice:


* Silences your footsteps and makes your jump jets almost invisible

* Great for pure stealth and ambush players

* Also works well with snipers as it allows you to get to good vantage points without hassle

* Not really useful in run and gun play unless you plan to spend a lot of time jumping above the rooftops


Overall: Very useful for stealth play and snipers, this kit can mean the difference between an terrifying unseen foe and an easy to spot retreat. Probably best to avoid this kit if you are a run and gun player though as it won't really add much to your abilities.



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