Pilot - Tier 2 Kit



Kit Advice:


* Prolongs the dome shield that protects your titan before activation

* Keeps it safe if you have to cover large distances to reach it (but as you select the location it drops, you really shouldn't need to).

* If you die before activating it's mode, this will keep it safe until you reach it after you respawn

* Not very useful compared to other kits


Overall: Situational at best. Keeps your titan in play for a bit longer but generally doesn't have much effect as when you jump in it is removed anyway. May be useful if you don't activate your titan immediately or get killed before you get a chance to. Or if you take a long time to reach your titan I guess... maybe.





Kit Advice:


* If you plan to use specter hacking, smart pistols or play in attrition maps this kit can be very useful to have.

* If not, then don't worry about using it.

* Knowing where the minions spawn at the start of the map gives you a good idea of the direction of play and where to head for.

* Specter hacking (or grunt conscription burn cards) can provide you with a small army to potentially rack up kills for you.


Overall: Combine this with a smart pistol, cloak and power cell in attrition maps to rack up the AI kills in short order. This combination works great against AI and can even work well against pilots and titans due to the almost constant cloak.



WARPFALL TRANSMITTER (unlocks at level 16)


Kit Advice:


* Do you want to squash your enemies with a titan from space? If so this kit is for you.

* Cuts down the travel time of an arriving titan significantly.

* Useful for surprise splat attacks on stationary (or well predicted) enemies.

* Otherwise, use on of the other kits instead.


Overall: Situational but hilarious to pull off in battle. If you are trying for the related challenge then this is highly recommended. If you don't use your titan in that way then you may want to invest in another kit instead.



DEAD MAN'S TRIGGER (unlocks at level 37)


Kit Advice:


* Detonates all plantable explosives on death

* Works with arc mines and satchel charges

* If you are a defensive player, this could work well for you

* Unless you use satchel charges in run and gun play, this won't be useful for aggressive players


Overall: Situational at best, may be useful for defensive players with the explosives pack tier 1 kit or infinite arc mines reward cards. Otherwise, grab a different kit to play with.



THE 'ICEPICK' (unlocks at level 43)


Kit Advice:


* Reduces the time taken to hack specters and turrets by about half

* Reduces vulnerability when performing these operations

* Rather situational due to limited use


Overall: Halves the time taken to hack specters and turrets, but that is all it does. If you do that on a regular basis then it will serve you well. Otherwise avoid it.



GUARDIAN CHIP (unlocks at level 49)


Kit Advice:


* Increases the accuracy of your auto-titan

* Makes the auto-titan a much more viable ally in battle

* A good default kit to have on if you don't want to use any of the others

* Useless if you don't use auto-titans


Overall: Very handy for most players as auto-titans are used to protect objectives or bottleneck play without risk to the player. This makes the auto-titan quite a bit more damaging as it will hit far more often. It still won't equal an experienced pilot in combat but it is very useful all the same. Only useful for players who use auto-titans though, obviously/



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