Titan - Chassis



Core Ability:


Damage Core - Boosts weapon damage when active


Durability: 7.5

Speed: 8.5

Acceleration: 9


Chassis Advice:


* A very well balanced mix of speed and durability.

* Works well with offensive players thanks to the core ability's extra damage

* More dashes than the ogre chassis 

* stronger than the stryder and more manouverable than the ogre


Overall: A good chassis for starting out with until you begin to specialize your titans. Can take down stryder chassis titans quite fast with it's core ability and with the core ability extender kit, can make itself even more dangerous to enemy titans.





Core Ability:


Shield Core - Boosts Titan bodyshield when active


Durability: 10

Speed: 7

Acceleration: 3.5


Chassis Advice:


* The turtle of the titan chassis options

* Works well with other titans supporting you while you tank damage

* The core ability makes this chassis even more durable

* Works quite well in auto mode as it will last longer before blowing up


Overall: For defensive players and teamwork, this chassis will work perfectly. With it's defensive core ability and naturally high defenses you can actually outlast other titans assaults instead of both being destroyed. This all depends on skill though...





Core Ability:


Dash Core - Dash is inexhaustible when active


Durability: 5.5

Speed: 10

Acceleration: 10


Chassis Advice:


* Quick, nimble chassis

* The core ability can make other titans look like they are standing still (and with core ability extender even more so)

* Great for guerrilla gameplay (hit and run attacks) in maps with decent cover for titans

* Can be very nasty to deal with when paired with other titans as support


Overall: One vs one the stryder will probably meet its end quite quickly. But why play fair. Hit and run attacks or teaming up with friends will allow you to bring down the toughest titan opponents with ease. Just don't stand still.



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