Titan - Ordnance



Ordnance Advice:


* Nice additional damage

* Successful hits depend on pilot skill

* Enemy vortex shields can capture this attack

* Can be useful for taking down evacuation ships at the end of rounds


Overall: Handy to have for the additional damage. Deals decent damage, fires and reloads quickly and is harder to predict than the other missile attacks due to the speed of the missiles. Depends heavily on the skill of the person using it to deal damage however.



SLAVED WARHEADS (unlocks at level 11)


Ordnance Advice:


* Easier to use than most of the other ordnance options

* Requires lock on before firing (time delay)

* Fires repeated sets of three at target

* Less skill required for successful hits


Overall: Sacrificing skill for time, the slaved warheads are a good choice for less experienced players or people without optimal connections, due to the lock on capabilities. Depending on your playstyle these may appeal to you (fast moving stryder chassis constantly firing locked on missiles) or not.



CLUSTER MISSILE (unlocks at level 24)


Ordnance Advice:


* Deals continual damage to an area

* Can work well against pilots who stand near their auto-titans

* Great versus stationary enemies (although most enemies won't be)

* Needs good planning to use well


Overall: Can be suprisingly effective against auto-titans and their tag along pilots. Due to it's situational effectiveness however it is one of the least useful ordnance abilities. Careful planning and positioning is required to make the best use of it. This may be difficult for those with a poor connection or less experience in combat.



MULTI-TARGET MISSILE SYSTEM (unlocks at level 32)


Ordnance Advice:


* Allows you to engage multiple targets at once

* Great for ambushes and hit and run tactics

* Ogres can use it to hold their ground successfully against multiple targets (combined with their core ability)

* Highly skill dependant to use effectively


Overall: The best overall missile system for the experienced player, as it allows you to hit multiple enemy titans at once. This means ambushes and covered attacks can hit enemies for large chunks of damage before they even know you are there. Combine it with the speed of a stryder chassis or the durability of an ogre chassis to hit and run or tank and fire.



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